Thursday, June 4, 2009

Alligator In The Road......

Last Saturday we were with a group of friends coming back from an out of town day trip. It was a church event so we were driving one of the church vehicles and my hubby was tagged to be driver for the large passenger suburban.
That was completely a God guided decision because I don't think that anyone else would have been as fast in the reflexes as he was when the passenger drive tire blew on the freeway while we were going 65mph.

Thankfully, after driving semi-trucks for the last 15 years, Hubby has had lots of experience with tires blowing and how to handle large vehicles.

When the tire blew, it riped off the running board and tore out a secondary hose from the radiator. It could have been a horrible event but it wasn't. All six of us inside were completely unharmed and no other cars were involved as we pulled over on the shoulder.

There was even godly provision in cleaning up. Just the day before, our pastor had decided to buy a couple of gallons of antifreeze to keep in the back of the car for any emergencies that might come up. Also purchased was a container of that orange hand goop for easy grease cleaning as well as a roll of those industrial blue grease towels.
Hubby was able to change the tire, re-attach the hose with a clamp, and fill the radiator. Then we drove home safe and sound. Amazing huh? The suburban was even in good enough shape to do the Sunday morning trailer haul (we rent a building for church and keep all of our things in a huge trailer so that we can set up every Sunday morning).
Goodness, when I think of all the things that could have happened with our non-accident it sets me in awe. The mighty god of the universe that is so big that He can be in all places at all times.....placed His hands around our vehicle and guided us to safety.


  1. Jules great testament. where did you get the animation from.?Again thank God for your blog. Blessings to you and the family.GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME.AMEN.

  2. He is so good!!! I'm so glad to hear how you were cared for in this instance especially! Wonderful! God bless you! ~Janine XO

  3. God is good -- all the time!

    I love stories like this. You know there had to be divine intervention at work for it to ALL work together so well.

    There is a sermon up at my place. One I gave when I was a member of a little church in Vegas and the pastor was out ill.

  4. was the goofiest thing to find that animation. I typed in a search for smoking computers and that was the first picture that came up.

    Janine...hi there friend. I love how good God is.

    Quilly...I am anxious to head over and read your sermon.

  5. You were truly blessed my friend. Not too long ago there was a delivery truck driving in front of me on the freeway and his front left tire blew out and it pulled him directly into the medium nearly head-on...thank the Lord there were no cars in his pathway going that speed...and to think you were in the same scenario...sing praises my friend ~

  6. You know, I've been giving God the credit for everything in my life and I know that it's not misplaced Faith!~ Then I find your story and it just underlines the fact that He has his Hand on glad there were no injuries to passengers to report!

  7. Thanks to your hubby.... and Thank God no one got hurt.......

  8. Joni...oh my goodness that must have bee nso scary to see that big truck in front of you.
    I love that God takes care of everything so I don't have to be super woman.

    Sandi...Giving God the credit is never ever a misplaced faith. He is the author and the redeemer. I get so much joy and relief in knowing He is always there.

    Sunshine....isn't it wonderful? I love how sometimes things happen and we don't see the blessing until afterwards.

  9. I am really thankful that you were all spared injuries. Great driving husband.

  10. Hi Jules.
    Thanks God that no one was hurt and for your hubby great driving skills.

  11. I'm grateful for God's provision. Thanks for sharing with us, and for acknowledging the Lord.

    I had a tire blow out once, but I was only going about 25 mph. It was scary enough; I don't want to try it again with a faster vehicle.


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