Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A book by its cover....

I was having dinner at our favorite fast food place with my girls this evening, when I found myself mentally jamming with the public radio station that was playing thru the speakers in the ceiling. I have no idea which station it was, but it was playing those '80s pop culture type songs that I grew up with. Yeah, those songs that bring back so many memories.....

Junior high had the sounds of Michael Jackson singing about Billie Jean, Boy George and Madonna leading our generation in individual and mature thinking.
Then I moved half way across the United States and was introduced to the likes of AC/DC, OMD, Depesh Mode, and Prince as I started high school and hormones raged.

"boom boom boom let's go back to my room......"
"I want your sex...."
"She was a fast machine....."
"rock you like a hurricane...."

Those songs and more found my head moving in time with the beat and smiling at memories. I could place incidents, friends, and situations with each song I heard. I remembered times when I didn't even know what those songs meant, but sang with the best of them simply because "everyone else was jumping off the bridge too".....and times when I did understand but didn't care.

As I was wading through it all, I looked up and noticed the expression on the face of my 15 year old. Shock maybe, embarassment, confusion......
I couldn't read it. I just know that my face got hot and red, like she could see those memories and read me like a book.

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