The Year with my Daddy

Over the last few years I have been given opportunity to share with friends about how God blessed and changed me during my dad's journey with cancer. Many have wanted to read about that year to understand help them come to grips with their own situations, to know they are not alone in their feelings. I decided it would thus be easier to have a list of that year located here so that it is easier to look through.

You are welcomed to look through as much as you want. It is not always orderly and tidy in dealing with my dad, as is the case of the first entry. But it was a journey none the less. The titles and dates might peak your curiosity if you would like to jump around a bit. I try to write completely so each post should basically stand on its own.

I pray that the same blessings and encouragements that God gave to me and that I wrote about will be felt by each reader. May you be touched and blessed with the true knowledge that God loves you, has a plan and purpose for you and that you are never ever ever alone.

10/26/09  It Begins Here

11/8/09  The MP3 Player
11/30/09  November Happenings

1/12/10 I Am In Texas
1/13/10  Amazing Grace
1/15/10  Vanilla Ice Cream
1/18/10  Monday Morning
1/20/10  No Roller Coasters Here
1/23/10  Saturday
1/28/10  Sewing Cleaning and Sharing

2/2/10  I Didn't See It Coming
2/4/10  Walking With Jesus
2/7/10  Ups and Downs
2/11/10  The World Still Spins
2/15/10  The Happenings
2/18/10  My Own Treasure Hunt
2/24/10  A Few Days Together
2/26/10  Pedometer Steps
2/27/10  Miracle Cobbler
2/28/10  Encounters

3/10/10  Time Is Passing
3/17/10  Fondue
3/24/10  Back In The Northwest

4/5/10  Review
4/19/10  April 19th

5/14/10  Things That Matter
5/25/10  Here In San Antonio
5/28/10  Fried Okra

6/3/10  Two Weeks Are Up
6/5/10  Ground Zero
6/10/10  The Splendid Wild Flowers
6/16/10  God Bless You Too
6/25/10  Toys, Games and Time
6/30/10  These Shoes

7/9/10  Things That Make Me Smile
7/12/10  Day 6
7/20/10  File Gumbo
7/31/10  Emotions Can't Always Be Trusted

8/5/10  Compression Fracture
8/6/10  Partial Hip Arthroplasty
8/9/10  Waiting To Exhale
8/13/10  I Am Breathing
8/26/10  Back Home

9/27/10  Short Story Here
9/29/10  My Paper Thoughts Without A Computer
9/30/10  Not Scribbles Part 2

10/8/10  Nights And Days
10/10/10  The #1 Rule Is Now Hand Washing
10/12/10  Me Time and God Time
10/18/10  Would You Believe Its Been 21 Years
10/20/10  More Tests
10/23/10  One...
10/27/10  Swirled Together
10/28/10  The White Room
10/29/10  Heart Blessings and Recipes

11/2/10  The Stirring Spoon
11/6/10  Changes
11/8/10  Eternity
11/12/10  The Funeral
11/19/10  Moving On
11/22/10  My Vision

12/5/10  Grieving Is Never Orderly

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