Sunday, February 7, 2010

Ups and Downs......

Lord please help me to be open and honest today without being mouthy.

When I last wrote, Daddy was doing great and didn't even hardly seem that he was in the middle of a treatment. He even took a small bite of muffin that I had made that day along with a swallow of juice and was actually able to keep it down and enjoy it. That is such great progress considering that when I first got here he could not even swallow a sip of water because the tumor was so large.

But that night he started feeling not so great with a bloated tummy. That caused him to get behind on the feeding pump and his medications..................

Ok I need to jump tracks for just a minute. I have a few close friends and family members that have the same cellular service as I do. I love that because then I can text out a message and not have to worry about how long it is. I sent one out 30 minutes ago asking for prayer today and now I have been sitting here crying and feeling so much healing from the responses. Oh the power of words. How much it ministers to me the prayers that people send to me in texts and emails.
Deep cleansing breath.......NOW the day doesn't seem formidable.

Where was I?.........
Yes, the past couple of days have been hard for Daddy. He is nauseated a lot and drastically tired. He has lowered his feeding pump from 92 ml per hour to 75 ml. But all of that is to be expected. I will keep on encouraging him with his medications and nourishment and he will bounce back and make more progress.

Yesterday I replaced two of his area carpets. The carpets were very old and the dogs had created too much damage to try and save them. My cousin very willingly helped me pull everything out and get the two rooms all set back up in proper order. I was grateful for the help and teased him about the work saying that by the time we were finished he might wish we went bead shopping instead. That made him laugh since he was my driver during my 4 hour shopping trip a while back.

Last night one of the older dogs started to get sick. I don't know if she had just gotten into something but as I was getting ready for bed I found runny stool in several places around the house including the couch and her whole backside. Sigh.......I got everything cleaned up and we all settled in for the night. This morning when my cousin came over to do Daddy's IV bag, she found a fresh area that she cleaned up. Then she commented to me that it looked like when her patients get a GI bleed. Other than the visible signs that we have found, the dog is quite perky and is currently enjoying her breakfast. I will keep a close eye on her today and probably take her to the vet tomorrow. My cousin laughs and thinks the vet is sweet on me. "How silly," is my constant reply. Dr. Vet just likes that I keep bringing in these 5 dogs and adding to his bank account.

My younger step-brother is coming over this afternoon with his new wife and 3 children. It will be good to visit and I think it will be his last visit for quite a while considering he is shipping out for the desert in a couple of weeks. I do hope that my nieces come over to visit as well and help with the children. There is no denying that I love children.......but oh my I have not the energy for these guys.

Father God I pray your presence over this day and for Your purposes to be known. Lord may your breath be felt throughout this whole home and Your peace reign.

Blessings to you today!


  1. Wow Jules! I just caught myself up on the happenings in your world. You are such an angel.

    Keeping you in thought and prayer my friend ~

  2. Dear Jules, I can't imagine you being mouthy. Though I'm sure you're keeping the dear dogs in theie place.

    You are incredible (with a helping hand from above), and show such quiet inner strength. My care and love to you each and both,

    Michelle xxxx

  3. Joni....hi there sweet friend. I pray all is going well for you. Thank you for your visit and your prayers.

    Michelle and never being mouthy? It is true that I can be. I do try to evaluate my words before they leave my mouth but I can very easily find myself in a place of having to apologize as well.


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