Saturday, March 26, 2011

Proud and Blessed....

This morning Pippin came out of her room rubbing the sleep out of her eyes as she readied herself for work. Her first in the list of preparations was to come over and give me a snuggle. I happened to be in just the right spot that my ear landed on her heart when she pulled me close and it blessed me so. I heard her heart go from a fast rap-a-tap beat to a slow rhythm as she took in a sigh and relaxed into my arms. Moments like that are simply priceless.


I just have to be a proud grandma and she the new pictures we received in the mail. Goodness these kiddos are growing up fast.  They are working on getting pictures of the baby to us. Here is what we have so far....

Kobe, our intellectual
age 10 years old

Brynn, our diva ballerina
age 6 1/2 years old

Renner,  our open hearted cuddle-bug
age 3 1/2 years old

Abbigail, our sweet quiet observer
age 16 months

I couldn't decide which picture of Abbigail to post. 
I had 5 to choose from and both of these are favorites of mine.


I must run for now and get started with my day. There is tons of grocery shopping to do. Then tonight we are headed downtown for a hip-hop concert. Yes me at a hip-hop concert. We have the privilege of having an amazing young man in our church who has quite the talent and we are going tonight to be supportive of him. I must admit, his songs are addictive. 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Break, Birthday and Love....

I am sorry I haven't been around and made you wonder. Days just sort of piled up together and have found myself avoiding fun computer things in lieu of paperwork, phone calls and daily home chores.  At the end of the day when I lay my head on the pillow I think, "I sure need to find some time to write" and "I wonder how my blogger friends are." But then the next day starts off all over again.  Again I am so sorry I made you wonder.

It is Spring Break here and my is thrilled at being able to sleep in and go window shopping with friends while the other is picking up extra hours at work and doing all night dvd sessions with her friend visits from Seattle.

They all left at 10pm last night to watch a movie at "Raph's" house so that my hubby could have uninterrupted sleep here. It wasn't too long until they were sending me text messages to keep me in stitches even while not at home. Here is what one of them said,

"Terribly sorry, dear mother, but sister seems to have left her telephone inside our lovely home. If you are in need of contacting us for any precarious reason, please call me instead of my dear sister."

Yeah....they are goofy and fun that way.

My brother seems to be healing just splendidly.  He has taken to watching Angel-girl alone now and says he can handle all the aspects of tending to their almost 20 month old blessing without aide until he is fit enough to go back to work.

Mind you, that does not leave me twiddling my thumbs. I have put my hands to use in helping different people and ministries in my church. I have been organizing meals for those in need, being 'Mama Julie' to all who desire and have also been blessed with the pleasure and honor of helping to launch something of a counseling ministry.

I truly am having fun and feeling like I am doing something worthwhile.

For months after we stopped home schooling I felt at a loss of knowing where I was supposed to step next. Then came the year of taking care of my father. Once I came home from that, it was a scary thing to commit to anything and I wanted to hide behind my curtains every day. My heart felt empty and there was nothing to give to anyone. It was only the truth of my belief that got me out of bed every day. Now that empty feeling is gone and I feel my wells filling back up ready to bless and encourage.

Today is Hubby's birthday. Part of me can't help but remember that this time last year I had just gotten home for a quick visit from taking care of Daddy and we were giggling around a table at Claim Jumper celebrating  our time. Daddy had sent me home with money for the dinner so that in his own way he could feel a part of things even though he was so far away. That is the way he was in all things.

Anyway, Hubby and I went to Roadhouse for our favorite yummy salads and of course we couldn't deny the heavenly sweet and warm dinner rolls that our waitress set on our table.  We giggled the evening away and shot peanuts at each other when we thought no one was looking.  When our waitress showed up at the table with co-workers, happy birthday dessert and a song that attracted the whole restaurant Hubby said I was in trouble.  Sure......we shall see.

Our sweet waitress had a story of her own. I got the impression with her first visit to our table that something was amiss and her heart was down. I let her do her thing and then asked her if she was having a good night. She said it was okay. I responded with a smile and a knowing comment of not completely believing her (in love). She then set her notepad down and half looked like she was going to sit down next to me as she opened up about her day.

To some it may have been a day that was of little consequence, but to her it mattered and that means to God it mattered as well. I let her talk it out and gave her the reassurring words that I thought appropriate for the small amount of time she had. She smiled and thanked me and even patted my shoulder as she walked off to the next table. I thought it was amazing that she reached out like that to a stranger and crossed the boundaries of physical touch.

As hubby and I played and ate, I kept asking God if there was anything I could say or do to help her along. Towards the end of the evening she brought us to-go boxes and seemed to hover at our table for an extra second and I knew that was my opportunity. I called her by name and said, "Can I just tell you that you are such a blessing. You have such a tender and soft heart. The very fact that your situation hurts your heart today is a testament to how much compassion you have. You are so amazing and special!"

Had no one ever told her she is special before?
I don't know her background but she stuttered an awkward thank you and then lunged past the table to give me a big hug that lasted a long time as she fought back tears.

Thank You God for the opportunity to share Your love with Haley.
I pray for Your encouraging blessings and presence to be on and around her.

When we got home tonight, Puddin' surprised her dad with a birthday video that she made today in his honor. She said I could share it here so here is the video and a link as well if it ends up that I can't figure Blogger too well.

 God bless you today and know how greatly you are loved!