Saturday, March 26, 2011

Proud and Blessed....

This morning Pippin came out of her room rubbing the sleep out of her eyes as she readied herself for work. Her first in the list of preparations was to come over and give me a snuggle. I happened to be in just the right spot that my ear landed on her heart when she pulled me close and it blessed me so. I heard her heart go from a fast rap-a-tap beat to a slow rhythm as she took in a sigh and relaxed into my arms. Moments like that are simply priceless.


I just have to be a proud grandma and she the new pictures we received in the mail. Goodness these kiddos are growing up fast.  They are working on getting pictures of the baby to us. Here is what we have so far....

Kobe, our intellectual
age 10 years old

Brynn, our diva ballerina
age 6 1/2 years old

Renner,  our open hearted cuddle-bug
age 3 1/2 years old

Abbigail, our sweet quiet observer
age 16 months

I couldn't decide which picture of Abbigail to post. 
I had 5 to choose from and both of these are favorites of mine.


I must run for now and get started with my day. There is tons of grocery shopping to do. Then tonight we are headed downtown for a hip-hop concert. Yes me at a hip-hop concert. We have the privilege of having an amazing young man in our church who has quite the talent and we are going tonight to be supportive of him. I must admit, his songs are addictive. 


  1. My mother always said that when you hug your child, you have two hearts beating as one. Nice thought. Maybe her's was slowing down to match your. Beautiful grandchildren.

  2. Such lovely grandies - the family resemblance between all, including wee Izabell, is clear, yet each darling one also has their very own distinct festures. And Abbigail has such an impish look to her eyes and to her fun smile!

    Sending much care and love, and many loving huggles to you and yours,

    Michelle xxxxxxxx (with added silent sleeping from Zebby)


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