Monday, September 27, 2010

Short Story Here....

I am alive and all is well I promise!
I know you must be really worried with a whole month gone by and nay a word from me. Believe me I have been crawling the walls with wanting get on here and post.
Right after I arrived back in San Antonio my dad's computer crashed and it is still not fixed. Ugh! I am writing my thoughts in a notepad but.......oh my gosh it is so not the same! I hope to share it all with you but I confess it will take a bit to transpose it all.

So how am I here tonight? Well my cousin brought me over her laptop and cell phone for the night so I could check my mail and do some internet shopping for Daddy. Now if time could just stand still so I could tell you everything right? But that won't work so.......

Super Short Story here......
Daddy is doing so amazingly well with rehab and we are finishing up the last of the therapy home visits. We have had tons of doctor appointments on the calendar and then we crash on the couch at the end of each day with a sigh. We did a CT scan last Friday to see if there has been progression with the cancer but we don't know any results yet. We signed on with hospice last week so that we could get some much needed help and support and it has already proven to be a good decision.

In other news my mom is finally free of that vac pac she carried around for almost 3 months (it seems) to heal from surgery. Yahoo and praise God!
Hubby and girls are doing great. Puddin is having a ton of fun with her junior year of school and I am so very glad. Pippin is in the process of being hired on at a coffee shop down the road from home and she is thrilled. Hubby is working hard at work and is doing a great job at keeping the house and persons in it in harmony.

I don't know when I will be able to share more but I hope it will be soon.
I will be transposing all of my messy handwriting notebooks writings here and after the above quick update you may find it tedious and redundant. To that all I can say is the promise God gives that to everything there is a season. :-)

Thank you so much for your encouragement and prayers.
I konw there are those who are praying and reading here that don't leave a comment and that is totally fine. I am grateful for you and I understand for I am a silent reader to many also. But may I just say here specifically to Janine are an amazing joy. Thank you for being such a support to me.

God bless your week with purpose and destiny that makes you breathe with thankfulness for knowing you are so very much loved and valued.

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  1. Delighted to learn how you and your dear Daddy are getting on. Thank you for giving me a month to recover from your cookie recipe - and I haven't even made it yet, lol.

    I hope your Daddy enjoyed seeing all the wedding photos and learning about what his little girl had got up to in Oregon (and has seen how beautiful you looked at the wedding).

    Sending much care and love to you each and both, Michelle xxx


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