Monday, April 19, 2010

April 19th.....

I haven't written the past couple of weeks because the days have flown by without mercy. Daily school and youth social events have kept me feeling like the over drive button is permanently fixed in the on position. But each day holds joy too and we have all had our share of smiles.

While my brother and sis-in-law were visiting Daddy, we took care of their golden retriever for the week. I don't know who had more fun....Sugar or Kekoa. Here is a typical scene of how they were as long as they were awake.

Even though they are so different in size, they were inseparable. Kekoa had a crusty yellowed head the whole week because Sugar would roll his head around in her mouth and he loved every second of it.

This last weekend Pippin doggie sat two lil' fuzzballs for a friend. They were equally adorable and so very affectionate. The whole experience affirmed to me that Kekoa is indeed well socialized and I need not worry about him when it is time to bring Daddy's dogs up this way.

What other things have happened?.............

I have been getting Pippin ready for prom. Even though she is not in high school now, a friend of hers has invited her to go to prom. It is a fun and new experience for both of them. They are both not the girlie type and in general have rebelled against anything remotely looking like school spirit. But all of a sudden they are kind of giggling at the idea of getting dressed up special and making a memory. And who best to share the memory with than best girlfriends.

It was so amazing to go shopping for a dress. Pippin and I decided to take a cue from another friend and try the local thrift store. Wow! We found a dress that seemed to be made for the sole purpose for fitting her tiny frame and the perfect complimentary color for her. Then when I took it to the check out counter I found that it was 50% off. Pippin rubbed a loving hand on my back as I fought back tears while paying a mere $7.49 for this dress. Here is a picture of her trying it on that day.
We have now conquered the stores to acquire the perfect shoes, earrings, necklace, shawl and all other accessories. All that is left is a small bottom hem that a friend will do for me and a dry cleaning bill.

Yesterday I was able to talk with Daddy for a bit of time. He was sounding quite winded towards the end of our conversation but good all the same. He has finished this first big round of the new chemo and is grateful for the reprieve. It seems awfully cruel to make an esophageal cancer patient swallow huge chemo pills. I encouraged him to ask for either a liquid dose or the okay to crush it into his tube feedings. He promised to ask before he starts up again this next week.

He says that he as well as everyone else is missing me and all are looking forward to my return in May. I have to agree that I am counting the days as well. Even though I am loving being back in my own home and having my family all around, I don't feel that I ever truly left Daddy when I got on that plane. All of my thoughts seem to be paired in conjunction with Texas thoughts and it is wearing me out. Even my dreams are of Daddy and all those over there.

The dreams......the dreams are the most tiring. They range from mundane every day activities to tortuously emotional dreams where I awake sobbing into my pillow. I end up feeling more wrung out than before I went to bed. Last night was one of those nights.

Here....this is something to smile over. Yesterday we all gathered for Sunday dinner at Mom's house and we all took turns playing with Angel-girl. Now at 8months old and growing so fast, isn't she amazingly cute?

Have a blessed and wonderful day today!

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