Monday, April 19, 2010

Contentment Comes in Many Ways....

This is a picture Pippin took for me yesterday after Angel-girl gave in to sleep.

This is what happens when I give in and fulfill Kekoa's desire to play
in the backyard while Hubby is mowing the grass.

Both pictures show contentment.


  1. Perfect!!!! And they are both delightful!!! You make me smile!! Both "babies" are beautiful as well! Praying for you and your Dad daily!! Love you, Janine XO

  2. Absolutely darlings, the two of them. Kekoa is a slimmed down version of my lovely Milou who is now seven and a half and a bit too heavy.

  3. Many smiles from here - any chance your green footed doglet can help with the gardening? Kekoa looks so proud to have helped Dad!!!

    Super well done with Pippen's prom dress, is such a good colour for her.Expecting photos of a very beautiful Pippen in a glorious dress on the night. (What a joy for your dear Daddy to look forward to seeing).

    Darling niece continues to look so utterly huggable.

    Sending super care and love to you, and then to your family (including all the "steps"), with special huggles just for Jules,

    Michelle and Zebbycat, xxx and .... sorry - snoring once more

  4. Beautiful..just beautiful, both of them!


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