Monday, November 8, 2010


When I posted my previous update a couple of days ago I received many encouragements and comforts via email. One in particular I want to share here is from a friend back home that said:
This morning just as I woke I "saw" the following "picture." Two angel's with very large wings. Each holding on to very large gates. They were looking down the road, waiting to throw the gates wide open for your father. A crowd in back of them is waiting to welcome him home. (I saw this before I saw your email.)

My daddy, always watching over others and wanting to never bring extra attention to his own needs, even had his way in his last moments. For hours into the night myself along with my sister and cousin all stayed by his side holding his hands and soothing him as his body worked to keep doing what it was made to do.
At 12:15am in the single 5 minutes that we stepped out of the room and the nurse went to go get something.....that was the time that he decided ok everyone is occupied. Now I can do what I need to do with no fan fare without anyone fussing over me.

My daddy is now at peace and more healthy and happy than he has been in his entire life. There is no more pain, no more sinus problems, no more stomach irritability, no sore nerves, no arthritis, no nothing.
That has all been replaced with God's unceasing never ending joy in a new body that will never age or break. He is immersed in a beautiful forever atmosphere of perfection the likes of which our imaginations can only grasp the concept of in a minuscule reality. He is with his parents and siblings and wife and most importantly he is with the Creator and Artist who fashioned his life out of love and intense devotion for a purpose far beyond this temporary earthly time.

Those who didn't receive a phone call from me please understand and don't be hurt.
Knowing that our time was short I pushed myself in the things I felt mattered most. Now my body is completely depleted from lack of sleep and my feet and ankles are so swollen I can barely walk. My cousin has devotedly stayed by my side to tend to my needs in all the things I have not the strength or thought process for and I am so grateful. My husband and girls will be flying in tonight and other family is on their way as we begin working out details for the next few days.

Thank you for all your prayers over these last many months.
Thank you....


  1. Jules, first of all condolences to you, congratulations to your father. My mother's passing was almost identical except I was the only one holding the vigil that night and as soon as I went in to check on my elderly father, she took that moment in time to slip home. And I discovered that the sadness lay not within any single event of her life, but the entire knowing of this amazing woman, I'll miss her forever, but her wisdom is all around me, just as your Dad's wisdom will always be around and within you.
    warm hugs

  2. May you sense Papa's loving arms wrapped around you.

  3. Oh, Jules...I'm so very, very sorry!! You have indeed been in my prayers...and your Daddy, too, of course. But I know he is well is your heart that needs the comfort of the Father...and I will pray with all my heart for you! Love you much!! Janine XO

  4. Julie, I was sorry to hear about your Dad. Knowing he is where he is makes all the difference now and in the days ahead, as you think back on all the wonderful God given moments you spent with your Dad. Both of your lives became richer for the days He gave you together. God's Grace is abundant and plentiful and He will give you all you need right now, to do all you have to do there and when you come home. We love you and you are in our prayers. I'm here for you if you need a shoulder and the comfort of knowing I've walked in your shoes. I love you my friend and I'm sending hugs your way.

    oh Julie... I am sorry for you that your dad is no longer here, but know from your journaling that you had very precious times with him. I am happy for him that he is no longer suffering and with Jesus. Please try to get some much needed rest with your family at hand. I know the LORD will give you His peace and comfort at this time. Enjoy your hubby and children...
    Sending our love and big, warm hugs to you and all~
    Helene and Dave

  5. Dearest Julie,
    May our beloved Jody rest in eternal peace. May you find deep solace in having given all of yourself to your dear daddy. I send my prayers and love to you and the whole family.

    Oh Julie, sweet heart, I am sorry for your loss. I love you and am sending you all my love and warmth today.

  6. My Dear Sweet Julie,
    I am so saddened at the loss of you Daddy, and yet I rejoice in knowing that he has received his ever lasting gift from Our Lord Jesus Christ. He is one with our Father, and is suffering no more. I Praise God for tending to the needs of your Daddy, and to the needs of the family. I carry you with me in Prayer today and always. I know the pain you carry, but hold to the truth that Our Father is always with you to give the Strength, and Peace. Please take care of yourself Sweet Julie. You have done a great deed, and service in the name of Our Lord......I truly praise you for that.......You are such a Blessing to each and every one of us that has the honor to Know and Love You.........You Are Truly A Blessing To Us All.....

    Dear Lord I Come To You Today on bended knee, with great pain and yet know the Mercy you have shown to us all. I thank Thee Father for Taking Julies Daddy into you arms and for the eternal gift of life you have give him as promised. We will miss his beautiful self, but know he is once again whole with no pain. We will carry his memory with us always, until we meet again in the Glory of God .....Please watch over Julie and the family as they make their way through this difficult time. In Jesus name I pray. I Love You Julie,
    Gods Blessings,
    Aunty Jan

  7. Dear Julie,
    Gary just called a few moments ago. I knew as soon as I saw his name on my cell phone. My heart goes out to you at this time. I have and will continue to pray for you and your family. I pray for a double portion of His grace to surround you and comfort you as you adjust to your Father being in glory. This has been a long journey for you and your family.One that in the light of eternity has great value!

    May you feel His presence and love wrap around you like never before.Julie, you are a beautiful daughter to the Lord and to your Dad. How please they both are of you. You are full of the love and grace of the Lord.
    George, Katie, Jon and YaYa all send their love.
    Let me know if there is anything I can do for you on this
    Much Love,


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