Friday, January 15, 2010

Vanilla Ice Cream.....

Busy... busy.... busy.....
It has been a busy couple of days.
Yesterday after Daddy finished his radiation treatment, his home nurse and then his physical therapist both came over. He is doing well and it was so good to see him get up for those exercises. I can see he has much determination. Not once did he give in and tell the therapist he had enough. He took a long nap afterwards but that is totally fine.

Today was his last radiation treatment. Now he can concentrate on building up energy before his next chemo appointment on the first of February.

Last night Daddy was able to eat a small serving container of ice cream. He threw it up later but he doesn't need to keep it down right now anyway. The point of swallowing things right now is to make sure his muscles and mind remember how to do it. And he said it wasn't so hard to swallow so that is wonderful.

Yahoo! He was able to take in 5 cans of formula yesterday for nourishment. He gets so tired of being hooked up to that feeding pump all day but we started early in the day to make that quota.

Today I spent a chunk of the morning at the vet clinic. Daddy's little grandpa yorkie has had a bad cough that makes his arthritic body fall over. Turns out he has an enlarged heart and it is putting pressure on his esophageal area. Someone else had taken him in last November to get treated for the same thing but didn't relate that he needs to be on meds continually. I don't blame them. Daddy has been the priority.....not the dogs.

So, I am giving little Jito meds now twice a day, a special food for Baby, and trick training Congito because he is too smart and bored to lay around all day. The going outside to do their business stuff..... I thought I was getting things under control but now that it is raining.....well they are all scared of the rain.

The rain....the weather reports are all declaring possible flash floods. This Texas soil doesn't hardly ever see wet weather so when it rains the moisture doesn't absorb very well. They say it will stop tomorrow and I figure it will be cause this flat land is a lot easier to predict than Oregon's NW weather.

While Daddy was at the hospital this morning I put on some music and got heavenly lost. Normally I will try and clean up a bunch of things while he is gone. I do it while he is not around so that he doesn't have to feel bad for not doing it himself. But today I felt I needed to just sit and soak. The music I played is actually called soaking music. It is worship music that is created by musicians whose sole desire is to completely revel in the beauty of God's joy and love while ushering in His presence more fully. Does that make sense? The way I look at it is this.....the more my mind, body, and spirit are focused on God things then the more room He has to be around without me being distracted.
It was a wonderful time and so intoxicating.

I was able to talk with my cousin today for a bit about God and my relationship with Him. I can't remember what all was said and it seems that is par for when God pushes words out of my mouth like that. I do remember that I brought up topics like creation and dinosaurs, law and grace, and the importance of relationship over religion. I remember that he looked at me several times with that look of 'wow I never thought of it that way before' and then fished for more things from me.

God I pray for your continual guidance....I pray for my ears, eyes, thoughts, and heart to keep on Your guidance, Your signs, and Your business. Father God, all these people have been working so hard to care for Daddy. As much as I pray for Daddy to feel Your love and hope.....I ask that they feel it too. I know You brought me here for many reasons and I pray for those things to stay in the foremost of my mind. I thank you for Your courage and strength and peace. You are so amazing!

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement.
Have a blessed and wonderful day today.


  1. Jules i'm with you like many others.St Pod.

  2. Hello dear friend,I am so glad you have taken the time to soak. It is in that place where you will find all you need. When you rest in the Lord he is there to take care of you are you take care of others. It is amazing how you will find the answeres in that place of rest. What a wonderful heart you have you not only be pray for your father but all of those that surround that situation.
    May God continue to give you strength and wisdom. May you be wrapped in his arms of Love!

    I am praying

  3. I have been catching up on all that has been happening to your father and I am very sorry. However I do hope that he continues to do well. This blasted disease is trying to wreck lives, isn't it?

    Nuts in May


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