Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Own Treasure Hunt....

I was talking with Pippin today over the phone. She shared with me of the weekend treasure hunts and healings. I knew as she was talking that I HAD to relate everything to Daddy. So, later in the sun room I did just that.

I began by explaining that a treasure hunt is when a group of people get together and ask God for clues leading to people He wants them to talk with. The clues can be anything shirt, red car, ice cream cone, broken ankle, the name Tom. Individually the clues don't mean much but when 2-4 people pull their clues together, they seem to always find a perfect match. Before too much time has passed, they soon see a guy who's name happens to be Tom. They recognise him because he has a blue shirt on and is eating an ice cream while sitting on the hood of his red car and after asking if he would happen to like prayer for anything they find that he is really bothered by an old broken ankle injury and is amazed that God told someone to seek him out. While completely skeptical when I first heard of these events, I have come to find from personal experience that they are quite valid and amazing.

Daddy too was amazed and awestruck that things of the sort actually happen.
Then I shared with him that a girl was just healed of a major hearing problem she had dealt with for her 18 years of life. His eyes grew big as I described her jumping up and down with excitement and hearing everyone so well that she thought they were yelling.

Then he grew quiet and looked away. I could tell he was forming a thought that was hard to share so I waited. What he said made my heart jump and break all at the same time.

Barely audible his words began, "I don't want to be selfish and ask to be healed." His lips quivered and eyes wouldn't even dare to make contact with mine as if a fear was holding him back. "I only ask that I be given the strength to get through it all."

I answered, "Daddy, is it really selfish to want to be healed?"
He didn't even speak. He simply moved his head from side to side as his shoulders trembled.

I got down on my knees next to him and searched his face. "Daddy, would you move mountains for me and bend over backwards to make anything humanly possible that I would ask of you?"

He said yes with the true sacrificial conviction of a parent.
"Why Daddy could you do that Daddy?"

"Because I love you," broke from his mouth in a rush of conviction and tears.

"Then Daddy, as much as you would do anything and everything in your power to make things possible for me in your love because I am your much more would God in His perfect love listen to your heart and desires because you are His son?"

His tears flowed free as gut wrenching sobs became audible.
I held him for a bit and then asked if I could pray with him and he answered yes almost before I could finish my whole sentence.

I am not an eloquent pray-er. I don't use big words or fancy double talk. That is okay though because God doesn't need those things. He simply wants to meet us where we are at and hold our hearts. I prayed thankfulness for God's presence and peace. I asked for God's touch and healing to be on every cell of Daddy's body. I thanked God that Daddy knows Him and is soft to His comfort and asked for his relationship to grow more and more.

We cried together and held one another.
He looked lighter in stature afterwards and I could see the pain was gone from his eyes.

There is too much on my heart. I don't even know what to say from here......

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  1. This is not something I normally do but I received an email from my step-daughter today that made me cry and cry and cry. I want to save it here as a treasure.

    Hi Mom,
    I really do appreciate you letting me be apart of your thought process. I know it isn't always easy to just let it all out. You've done such a beautiful job putting to words your feelings towards your hopes and prayers for your father. I do truly wish this could be a man I can meet someday. It sounds like you being there for him has helped in so many ways, physically, mentally, spiritually. You have so much on your plate yet the unconditional love you have for your daddy pulls you through it all. I love you so much and am so proud to have such a kind, generous, and strong woman such as yourself to look up to. Please know that I am always and forever here for you. Please take care of yourself.


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