Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Me Time and God Time....

My cousin came over last night to give me a much needed break. I never thought I would get to a point where I would call and ask for time off of giving Daddy care but the sleep deprivation thing was really getting to me.

I used the time to run a few errands before stores closed and then tended to a quick birthday craft project before taking a muscle relaxant and snuggling up to my pillow. God is so cool! It hadn't rained here in a while but as my head hit the pillow a thunderstorm rolled through. Was it solely for the purpose of giving me a comfort sound to drift off to sleep with? No, but I sure did enjoy it.

After a restful sleep I sprang up this morning and went shopping. As you can see from the picture of my fingers and goofy lil' toes above, I ended up at the spa for a tipped manicure and pedicure. I tried out the pedicure with the paraffin soak and wow oh wow it was nice. It was my second ever pedicure and I have to say I am really liking the special treat. I never used to like having my feet touched before. Not even my husband could touch my feet without panicked threats leaving my lips. I think it was because I had serious control and trust issues. I am learning with God's help that I don't have to be that way.
Hmmm did my round about thoughts actually just hint to the idea that with God's help I can now enjoy a pedicure? That is too funny.

When I got home, my cousin had been dealing with trying to unplug Daddy's peg tube again. Daddy had gotten disconnected earlier in the day and forgot to flush with water. She worked on it for hours and I worked on it into the evening with no progress. As you may remember, if we can't get it undone the solution is going to the hospital for a replacement procedure. Yuck!

Poor Daddy was getting so stressed and frustrated. Finally I looked at him and said, "I have been praying in my head but we need to pray out loud." I grabbed his hand and prayed, "God You know the hassles we are dealing with. Please fix this tube problem for us." Pretty soon my cousin gave it one more try and BAM! the plug dissipated!

We whooped and hollered around the house. I praised God and Daddy trembled with gratefulness as I hugged him.

I think he needed that. I have been noticing lately a shift in his thinking at being more depressed than positive. I am not saying that God plugged his tube in the first place. Stuff happens and God fixes it. What I am saying is that he got a hugging reminder tonight that...
God is still here.
He still listens.
He still cares.

I just had to share that with you before doing my evening chores.
Thank you for your encouragements, your comments, your supportive prayers and friendship.
God bless you this week with the hug of knowing you are so very important.


  1. YAY!!! For ONCE I was at home when I read that simple, yet powerful miracle. lol Got all teary and it's ok in my room. lol.

    I am going to say that the thunder was your Daddy cooing you to sleep. Sure there are other environmental benefits...but really? the timing I mean come on mama Julie. lol. He can make it rain any time of the day...but He waited till you needed it to rest. Ugh, tears again. You are SUCH a blessing. Thank you soooo much for these encouraging stories.

  2. boy, Jules, that sleep deprivation really gets to you, doesn't it. I remember when I went down to help my son and daughter -in -law out with the twins when they were born (plus 2 year old), that I had to go have every weekend off with my sister. My body could not cope with waking so often during the night to help feed the twins (so Mum and Dad could get to sleep through an alternate feed each). Whew. I still don't know how parents of multiples survive!

  3. God is most certainly always here. No coincidence there in your Daddy's unplugged tube!! I miss sharing in your faith, Jules. You hang in there. I know you will!!

    Mom is still in the nursing home. She always knows who I am, but not much else. She cannot walk, and seldom speaks....just one word at a time when necessary. She sleeps thru meals and needs to be 'prodded' and begged to eat. Very sad. I am praying that inside, she is calm and knows that God is with her, always. xoxoxoxoxox


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