Friday, August 6, 2010

Partial Hip Arthroplasty......

It ended up that surgery was performed yesterday and I am so grateful. It was a super long day with delays, tests and re-tests but once Daddy was in the operating room everything went well. I thought about putting a diagram here so you can see what was actually done but then decided to respect that not everyone has a visual tolerance for medical details. If you are interested in seeing diagram drawings of what hip arthroplasty is you can view this link. hip replacement

If even the suggestion of describing makes you queasy, skip this paragraph because I am going to describe what they basically did now. Once the doctor was able to really view Daddy's hip he found that at the compression fracture point the ball had rotated a good 180 degrees and wedged into the hip socket. That turned a 3 hour procedure into 5 hours. He replaced the femoral ball with a titanium ball, drilled down the length of his femur bone and then placed a rod down almost to his knee and cemented it into place for stability.

Because it was 2am when they wheeled Daddy out of OR, the recovery department was closed. He was placed in ICU for the rest of the night to let the anesthesia wear off and sometime this morning they ought to be able to remove the ventilator and he can go back to his regular room.

Once my cousin and I were able to hug and kiss him last night we both let out a huge sigh and then fell into each others arms crying and praising God.

The suggested plan now is for him to rest today, on his feet Saturday and then check out Sunday/Monday to a rehabilitation center for intense physical therapy.

That is the update for now.
Thank you for your prayers, support and encouragement. I am so grateful for you.
Have a fantastically blessed and destiny filled day.

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  1. I'm just about at my six month post op point and my op. was extrememly successful. Good luck to your Dad...he'll be hopping around like a young 'un in a coupl of months.


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