Wednesday, June 30, 2010

These Shoes....

I love shoes.
It is not an unusual thing to hear a phrase like, "Oh your shoes are so cute!", come out of my mouth. But at any given time you will find me in possession of only 4 pair at maximum. There is a pair of every day type sneakers that grudgingly tend to do double duty as hiking shoes, a pair of winter clogs, a set of flip-flops that serve time seeing everything from lazy errands to pool side and then a pair of basic pumps that sit by waiting for the off chance that I might want to wear a dress.

I don't own many shoes because of the cost. While name brands don't impress me at all, I tend to have tastes that conflict with my budget. Anything over $25 and my wallet seems to send a wireless signal from my closed purse to my brain which in turn signals my chest to gasp frantically for precious and practical air. I also find it frustrating to find a sole that fits my size foot. My feet are, as my parents lovingly refer to them, genetically predisposed to be Louisiana flat feet.
I call them Sasquatch Paddles.

Sigh....but everything has a reason and purpose right?
Maybe gifting me with wide feet was a way for God to help me balance out the lack of my visual perception. Wide feet give me a wider base to fight against gravity. giggle giggle

Why do I mention all of this? I bring it up so that you can appreciate all the more what happened to me today. God moved mountains big and small in the area of shoe shopping.

As time permits itself, I have been shopping for just the right things to wear at our eldest daughter's wedding in August. While she will be the most beautiful bride of any wedding and will no doubt hold every one's attention from beginning to end of ceremony and celebration, a teary-eyed mama gets a glance here and there also so I want to look 'just so' in honor of our daughter.

I have the dress and my brain has cataloged a few other items to purchase as accents. But the shoes.....oh I was not looking forward to shoe shopping. It is never an easy task. But when my daughter said, "Remember to find something comfortable for the dancing at the reception.", I figured I would need a modest heeled silver sling-back sandal to compliment my dress.

I looked at a couple of the 'get everything while you shop here' stores while getting groceries and found nothing. I ran an Internet search on specialty sized dressy paddles (oops I mean shoes) and found super scary prices with no solutions.

Today I decided to swing through one of those national shoes stores that specialize in the current fad for the 'in crowd'.
"They never ever carry what I need," I thought.
"But at least I will be able to say I dutifully tried."

They had a decent assortment of flats and sneakers in size 7.5 but nothing that would match my criteria (especially the actually fitting part). Then out of the corner of my eye I saw that illusive orange tab with a capital "W" hanging off the edge of the shoe box.
"Oh my goodness! That is my size."
As far as my eyes scanned it was the only orange tabbed box on the whole isle. "Okay let's see what kind of shoes is actually in the box just for kicks."

It was a modest heeled silver sling-back sandal.
The only modest silver sling-back sandal in the whole store.
In my size.
For only $21.57 with tax.

God is so very cool! He knew my frustrations and made it so my time can be spent with Daddy instead of going all over town trying on shoes. I love it!

Speaking of Daddy, he is doing well. He has enjoyed listening to those bible audios on my mp3 player so much that he asked me to go and buy him his own set up. I did some Internet comparisons a couple of days ago and then went to the store and played around with the different ones I had picked out for him. I brought home a little 8 gig that had controls easy for his sore shaky fingers and a docking station so he can enjoy without his ears getting sore from ear buds. Now he spends hours at a time in the sun room listening to the encouragement of the history of God's love.

Appointments are lining up on the calendar. One doctor gave me some great tips today on caring for his feeding tube site. It never ceases to amaze me how the attention to detail varies so much from doctor to doctor.
Tomorrow is pic-line dressing change day.
Next Tuesday is labs and then the beginning of chemo on Wednesday.

Actually it is the dogs that are keeping me busy right now. Conguito, the one that will be going home with me, was neutered last week. Poor little guy....but it was for his own good.
Aside from the extra attention that surgery recovery requires he has been doing well until today. Unrelated to his procedure he has been sick to his tummy all day. I have him quarantined in the kitchen and he wants nothing more than to stay curled up around my feet. Poor thing. His sad little chocolate eyes break my heart.

One of the sisters, Tia, made quite the mess today as well which prompted the need for me to bathe 4 of the 5 "fuzzy children" (as my dad calls them). Actually with the residual throwback weather from Hurricane Alex, all 5 dogs are crowded around my feet. The thunder and rain seem to be their weakness and they believe I can make it all better.

Well look at that. I sat down to share the blessing of my shoes and ended up rambling a bit. Thank you for listening/reading and smiling with me.

Have a blessed and destiny filled week.


  1. Your new sandals are so pretty! An elegant heel and lovely detail on the front of them. (Over here many of us have wide feet - my fav brand even have shoes in an extra-wide fitting. Not cheap but they do last many years).

    You and your dear Dad are being looked after. Hope the dogs are all much better now, and they stay clean! Sending care and many huggles,

    Michelle and Zebby, xxxxx and purrrumbling

  2. Isn't God amazing? Taking care of the little details and the big ones for you!! I'm so very, very glad!!! Hope you and your Dad are able to enjoy the 4th! You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers daily!! And I'm praying for a miracle for your dad!!! Love you, Janine Xo

  3. wow.. love the shoes the best thing i like about it color of the shoes and price... ! Look so elegant...

    God is amazing & God has its own way of working things.

    GOd Bless

  4. Ooooooh...... I wish I could stuff my feet into delicate shoes like that. You are so lucky to be able to do so!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May


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