Friday, May 28, 2010

Fried Okra....

Time is going by way too fast. This time last week I was making dinner for my group of "adopted" teens while visiting with my sweet sister-in-law and Angel-girl. Next week at this time Hubby will be crossing the California/Oregon border in a moving van towards home and the girls will be flying into Portland International. We have all been working at making visiting and sight-seeing mesh together in the best way possible. Our heads hit the pillows late at night and we try to spring right up in the morning to take advantage of every moment in between errands and such.

See, there is always room for a smile.
Here is Puddin' donning a real Texas style hat
while helping me run errands at the local everything store.

Downtown Culture

A couple of evenings ago, we loaded up the girls and headed downtown for dinner at my favorite locale...Mi Tierra. I love Mexican food! Not only do they do it authentic at this restaurant but the celebration of culture and life in decoration is never tiring to view. Lights, banners, bright colors and pinatas meet the eye everywhere you look as mariachi bands walk around tables offering their musical talents.

The wall Puddin' and Pippin are standing in front of is
a huge banquet hall sized mural at Mi Tierra.
It is filled with portraits of people both famous and un-sung who have
been an influence in San Antonio and Texas at large.

Afterwards we headed over for a stroll along the River Walk (click link for website photos). The combination of warm air, music and lights mixed with the sounds of lapping water as the gondolas drove by. Fragrant flowers and grilled food sat in the air and gave everything such a feeling of "stop and savor this moment". I could have pulled up a chair and sat all night just watching and listening. But we headed home anticipating a restful sleep so we could hit Sea World the next day.

Doctors and Fried Okra

That didn't happen though; I mean the Sea World part. Hubby's shoulder had been bothering him more and more as each day passed and it was getting quite unbearable for him. Because of that, we opted to hold off on Sea World and get Hubby's shoulder looked at. X-rays and a doctor's exam showed he has been having a problem for a while with bone spurs and kept thinking it was arthritis. He was given medicine and strict orders to follow up once back home.

I am learning my way with driving around town now for the most part and realized we would be passing a Cracker Barrel on the way home. Hmmm....Hubby needed food to take his medicine and I didn't have anything prepared at home. Do you see my smile? That is where the fried okra comes into play. I LOVE fried okra but with it being very much a southern style food, I can't get it in the NW. I have never even noticed okra in the produce at home. Shucks, food always tastes better when someone else makes it anyway right? Hubby did a turkey dinner platter and I enjoyed a sandwich with my perfectly seasoned fried okra. If only you could hear my sigh of contentment.


Today Hubby and girls went with my cousin and niece to experience the awesomeness of Schlitterbahn. In my opinion it is the most amazing water park in north America. If you have opportunity to be even remotely close to it in your travels MUST take a day to play at this park. I just know they will be full of stories and laughs tonight.

While they left to splash, Daddy and I headed the opposite direction for a general appointment with his new chemo doctor. His first chemo doc retired, the second was shipped to Iraq and now he was able to meet with this third one today. We discussed the current game plan and made adjustments. He made sure we were well informed and I very much appreciated his attentiveness to our personal thoughts and opinions.

Daddy is doing well with all of the treatment rounds but he is starting to show some signs of wear. He is looking more pale these days instead of resilient. The leaking of his tear ducts is a side affect from one of the chemo meds and the burns on his palms and soles are showing that his body isn't processing quite all of the other chemo medication he is being given. Because of that, it is recommended we hold off a week before starting another regiment. Daddy isn't shying away from the treatments at all but I think he is grateful to hold it at bay just a little too. Maybe it will give him opportunity to store up more energy.

His taste buds are mostly gone and that frustrates him. The tumor in his throat is now small enough for him to swallow food but he can't taste and enjoy most things. All the same, we stopped for a sandwich on the way home just for the experience.

For now I should go but I will write again when opportunity presents itself.
Thank you so much for your support and prayers.
God bless your day with destiny and purpose.


  1. Dearest Jules...I pray for you and your Dad daily!!! Thank you for the update...I will be able to pray even more specifically now...Your girls are so beautiful, btw! It sounds like your time in Texas is going well! Have a wonderful Memorial Day! With much love, Janine XO

  2. Just thinking of you today...thought I'd let you know. Love you, Janine XO


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