Tuesday, May 22, 2007


On more than one occasion I have received them...those emails that detail the characteristics of what an aquaintance is, what a friend is, a little while friend, and a life-long heart friend. Like I really need that reminder in bold faced type that tells me in black and white what my heart already knows?
Apparently I do though, for it is human nature to take for granted the best things around us.

Those emails do get me to thinking about people in my life, the people I brush up against that add spice and quality...yep even the quirky ones add spice.

I really have had so many supportive people around me over the years. I can recall only a handful (or so) of people that declared war on my person or my shadow. From childhood to adulthood, I have had all of those....aquaintances, little while people, friends, and life longers. They have all been there through different trials and different joys and I thank God for them.

As I look back though, there are two people that I have known the longest (outside of family of course and really they don't count anyway do they).

One I have known since early high school. We have always had that sort of relationship that makes people raise their eyebrows and firgure that they see the future writing on the wall. (Boy did we trick them though.) He was always, and is now, there being in effect my personal cheerleader as I went through boyfriend, heart ache, soul searching, marriage, kids, and stupidity. In high school and young adulthood, I had that disarming smile that never really clued people into my quiet self-absorbtion, but he knew and never gave up on me. Through thick and thin he has been there with a smile and honesty that only a life long friend can have.

The second person, she and I mirrored our growing up years in so many ways yet were in different states and sometimes even countries until 11 years ago when we met. It is amazing how God does that....how did Anne Shirley of Green Gables describe it? A bosom friend and a kindred spirit.
As we have raised our children together, learned about God together, and challenged life together; we have become so innertwined that strangers ask if we are sisters on a regular basis.
Whether we are rescuing each other from the dulldrums of putting away Christmas decorations, painting each others' living rooms, conspiring on the easiest way to get rid of pets without anyone knowing, or drinking the night away with cheap wine and chocolate (all in the name of stupid men) I know we are there for each other and that will not ever change.

I am so grateful to God for giving us the ability to have relationships, friendships.
And to you......I don't say it often enough. I thank you for being my friend.

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  1. Thank you for mentioning drinks and stupid men. How can one be without the other?


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