Sunday, July 1, 2007

Day 3

"Dad, there are 4 votes for the beach today. So, yours and Mom's votes don't matter", proclaimed Rosie with an air of authority and satisfaction as my husband walked into the living room after a well rested night.
Pip spoke up in correction, like big sisters are prone to do, "Rosie that's not necessarily true. Mom and Dad are the drivers here. So we get to go to the beach only if they TAKE us to the beach."

Of course, we want the children happy, so away to the beach we went. We spent an hour playing around just north of Bodega Bay. It was such a wonderful area to explore and chase waves.

Once we had our fill of playing in the frigid waters, we found this very interesting sign. Let me just state here that this sign...... containing valuable and life saving information......was not by the parking lot where people could easily read it and be informed. Nor was it posted by the pathway leading to the inviting beach area. Instead, it was posted far off to the side facing the bathroom doors in the gully area. What did the sign say?.......
WARNING! This is one of the most DANGEROUS beaches in California. Beware of sleeper waves." It was illustrated by a picture of stick figured people being pulled into the water against their will and swirling about below the wave surface to their deaths.

No really.... I am not joking.

Aside from sunburns (because of the excitement of jumping out of the car and forgetting the ever important sunscreen), we all escaped unscathed. So, I guess the old saying IS true....God protects the ignorant.
I figure after our friends hear of this...I will never be able to keep charge of their precious ones again.

We then headed into town for lunch. We had hot dogs and burgers at the local "all the french fries you can eat" shack and then ice cream from the shop next door. Incidentally, if you are looking for a new business, the icea cream shop in Bodega Bay is for sale at only $49,000. It brags of having continual clients and of being the only ice cream/coffee shop in town.

To round off the day, we introduced Kish to the fun past time of letterboxing as we found 3 treasures during our day trip.

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