Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Your 16th Birthday....

To my daughter......

August 14, 1991, found me so excited…and yet so scared. I had been anxiously awaiting your arrival. The baby room was decorated, the furniture was all in place, tiny baby clothes were washed and placed on itty-bitty hangars and drawer liners. There was nothing left to do and yet, when the doctor said that this was going to be the day and time….I froze and felt panic rise in my stomach. Why? I could look back at virtually any point in my life and see children around me. Whether babysitting or teaching, they were always there. And I always knew I wanted children of my own. Now that time had come….
Me at 20 years old, I was about to be a mommy! But how would I know what to do? Being a parent is a huge responsibility. There are so many unknowns to figure out as one bumps along. What if I make wrong decisions? How will I know if Baby is hungry, sleepy, or just wants to be fed? Do I lay Baby down on tummy, side, or back? How long do I let Baby sleep? How long do I let Baby cry? What is the better way to discipline? The “how’s” and “what if’s” swirled around in my head…..until I looked into your eyes. Then it just didn’t matter anymore as my heart jumped into the loving depths of parenthood.

It seems like only yesterday when you were born…and yet so much time has past.

As your father and I look back, we can see that little toddler girl in coveralls exploring the yard with eagerness for adventure. We see a 4 year old thrilled at the prospect and responsibility of being a big sister. We see a 7 year old stretching her horizons with ballet, gymnastics, tai kwon do, and horse riding. We see a 12 year old dedicating her heart to the softness that one can only find with having a personal relationship with God.

Now at 16, you are growing into such an amazing young lady…full of strength, heart, compassion, and wisdom. Your truth and honesty lets everyone around you know that you are to be trusted. Your wit and charm brings a smile to the lowliest of times. How blessed we are to be woven so intricately into the fabric of your life.

Today, your father and I give you this ring as a renewing symbol of the promises we made 16 years ago.

The gold represents us as your parents. Gold is refined in fire over and over again to bring out the impurities that mingle with it. The fire brings it to a state of bendable softness that shines true and remains strong. The same is true in being parents. No matter what bumps come along, we are always here for you…dependable….your cheerleaders in life, being proud of you and supporting your decisions.

The silver is a representation of you. Silver by nature comes from gold ore. As gold ore is processed, the silver separates and comes forth from it to take on its own traits and brilliant characteristics. It too is refined and purified in fire to bring out its strengths and resilience, to shine and hold value all on its own.

The diamonds stand for your future and the promises that you have made to live your life in a godly way. Diamonds are nature’s truest and hardest substance. Nothing on earth is strong enough to damage a diamond except another diamond. This same concept stands true for you. The beliefs and promises that you are building under your feet will hold you strong and sure. The only way to sabotage your footing is to lose faith in these beliefs and promises.

Just as we have been woven together in life and cherished relationship, these three precious and valuable earthen materials have been wound together as a gift for you.

Even now, after all that I have written, it doesn’t seem adequate in words to explain just how much we feel and how very proud we are of you. Simply, all that we can say is “we love you”.

Happy birthday.
Love, Mom and Dad


  1. The Ole' Apple treeAugust 15, 2007 at 9:42 AM

    Truely touched my heart. Honey your words are so beautiful. How you compared the gold en silver to her life's path, was just over the top. Wow, young lady you are so talented. She will always treasure that letter. Thank You for allowing me into your daily writings en thoughts. Means so much to me. God Bless you Honey.

  2. Boo-hoo. Your daughter is so lucky. And, you, as her parents, are luck to have such a great daughter. I'm in awe.

  3. Thank you so much. Parenting is such an amazing ride. I had no idea what I was signing up for. All in one breath I can feel love, pride, be overwhelmed with humbleness, and the hurting knowledge that they will have to step and fall on their own to mature and grow. With all of that happening in a minute by minute and daily basis....who needs bungee jumping!

  4. What an honor to be a part of this young ladies life. We were so happy to celebrate with all of you. I look forward to watching our girls continue to grow up together.


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