Friday, September 28, 2007

Where Is My Brain....

This morning I had stopped at the grocery store to pick up more bread and milk. As I walked out in the parking lot with my two bags of groceries and came close to the car, I hit the unlock button on the key chain remote. I heard the "beep-beep" sound that had become familiar to my ears and went to grab the handle on the back door. It was still locked. "Hmmm....that is odd" I thought. "It must be time to replace the battery."

I hit the buttons again, this time locking first and then unlocking. My reasoning was that at closer range the system would be able to cycle through and perform to the complete function it was designed for. I noticed that the familiar "beep-beep" sound seemed far away. "Strange..."

I grabbed the handle again. It still didn't work. Because my mind tracks ahead 100 miles an hour forward in time to a million hypothetical things, I began thinking about all of the situations that could happen if I could not actually get in the car and drive home.
-the milk would spoil
-my math students would be waiting for me
-"Pippin" would get no lunch today since it was in my hand
-I would be stuck in the rain
-who would pick the kids up from school
-now I can't work at the office this afternoon

*Notice my brain went so far ahead that I never thought about the obvious.

Instead, I tried the button cycle one more time. ( no really I did ) There was the "beep-beep" so far away again. Slowly recognition crept across my mind and then my face. If only someone would have had a camera fixed on me at that moment, we could have tried out for that funny home video show on tv. I slapped my knee and blushed as I hit the button again to follow the sound to MY car.

My excuse? Everyone has an excuse, so here is mine.....
It is my mom's car. We have been hosting Japanesse exchange students this week. My mom and I traded cars to give me the seating capacity I needed ( my parents are the best! ). So, in the suburban area I live in, those big white Ford Expeditions are everywhere.

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