Sunday, October 7, 2007

Another Point for the Winning Team....

It has been quite an interesting weekend to say the least. I could itemize all of the trauma and drama of the weekend, but that would be boring for anyone who happens to stumble across this blog. Not knowing the people makes the stories have only minimal meaning. I could write all the suspence and tension down for my own well being. After all, I started this blog to make it a place to collect my own thoughts and not be swayed by trying to please anyone else.

But no. Why make it a point to remember all of the junk? Instead, let's go for a "dance in the rain" (as my blog caption suggests) and look at the outcomes of catastrophes.

* My step-daughter and her serious boyfriend came down for the weekend to visit. Being a step-mom has always been emotionally hard for me....hard to explain...hard to do. I do it all with a smile and the best of intentions and heart, but inside I am a wreck. Why? I could spend hours trying to analyze why I am such a way, but I wouldn't solve anything. After all, I have been trying to figure that book out for 18 years now. It seems though that these last several visits have been getting easier and easier on me. We are communicating and making progress. Progress that is breaking through my tension and barriers. They just spent the last two hours looking at homes to buy down the road from us so that they could move here next spring.

* My "Rosie-girl" has recently set her heart on wanting to learn to play the drums. Doing all of the research has been hard...figuring out what is good, what is cost effective, how much debt it will set us back....ugh. However, this weekend a friend said, "hey, I heard about your dilema and want to help. I have one of these taking up space in my garage and it is bugging me. How about if you store it for me at your place for as long as you want so I don't have to rent a storage facility?" (okay, I really don't think it is that specific model....but you get the idea)

*Lately I have had a desire to get a new bed.....a top quality bed that would help me with back issues and sleeping issues. Again....dollar signs float through my head. I didn't even dare bring it up to my husband for fear of the cost. Just a few days ago, I received contact from a friend who said, "Hey I have one of these that is two years old and I want to give it to you." After it was all set up in our room last night, I had the best sleep I can recall in quite a long time......several months ago at least.

*And most importantly of all.....the vehicle that my step-daughter and her boyfriend drove down here in....was totaled yesterday along with the other car involved. By miracle only....everyone walked away completely unharmed.

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  1. Nice post, Jules! M and I have been considering a better bed, as ours has a mountain range in the middle of it! Yet cost is always a factor....

    I think I like about this post is that it provides some insight into your character. One of those being expectations.

    Thank you for sharing some vulnerability with us (me).


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