Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Directions Are Challenging.....

He sat directly behind me as I drove him home tonight.

"Yeah just go straight through here," he said. "Now turn that way."

"Which way is that way," I asked. "do you mean left?"

"Oh yeah, I do mean left. I am just so bad with all that numbers stuff."

I thought my girls were going to bust a gut as they laughed at the cute mis-use of his wordage.

Pippin exclaimed, "Oh that is so rich and classic! mom you have got to write about this one!"

1 comment:

  1. "The physics of this post astound me!"

    I am sure this young male was determining the velocity you were traveling against the remaining feet before you needed to turn that way, being left in this scenario, and was having to do it without those $198.00 co-tangent calculators, all the while sitting among three beautiful females in a vehicle, and pondering the complexities of what he should be doing with his hands to appear in control and charmingly natural looking.

    Then he remembered he had difficulty with the math because of the numbers.

    Numbers and stuff.

    See? It all makes perfect sense!


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