Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Murphy's Law and Faith...

I had just said to my mom a couple of nights ago, "My car is running great. We drove up and back from Orcas Island with no problems."
What is it about making a statement like that that causes the Murphy's Law gremlins to wreak havoc on the playground of my life?

That same night all I did was put my grocery list in my pocket,
stick the key in the ignition, and prepare for that familiar sound
of the engine turning over in smooth and systematic form.

Instead I heard...tink...clink...clang.... the sound of a single
metal piece falling and hitting other metal objects. I looked under the car and found this part laying on the ground (labeled B in the diagram).
I've had parts malfunction before on my car, spark plugs getting clogged, filters needing to be replaced, and hoses cracking. But I've never had a part literally fall out of the engine before.
Instantly I felt a combination of:
a) you've got to be kidding me, where is the Candid Camera
b) I'd better cancel the meetings and reschedule the birthday party
c) how much is this going to cost
d) can he fix it and will he be angry
e) "Pippin" better spend the night at "Harper's" place so she can get to school in the morning
f) seriously where is the camera cause this is funny
g) guess we will eat pbj sandwiches for dinner tonight
Then my mind wrapped it all up with: no matter what, God will take care of it like He does everything else.

Yes my husband grumbled and moaned when I called and told him. He had every right to for he had the same thoughts running through his head as those that were making circles in mine. Using my brilliant years of high school drama training, I had described in adequate fashion the sounds I heard. It led him to declare that the tensioner that holds the fan belt had fallen off my car engine.
Amazingly though, and complete credit to God for all that happened next.
the part:
1) didn't need to be torqued off with a super was already on the ground
2) wasn't a dealer part so it didn't cost beaucoup money
3) the auto store had it in stock and was still open
4) ended up being a quicker fix that changing the oil in the car

What I thought was going to be a week long project only lasted a single evening.
God is so good!
It is no the battle of Faith vs. Murphy's Law...Faith wins again.


  1. Maybe it's pessimisim kiking in, but eveytime I end up with a few extra dollars in my bank account I wonder what's going to need fixing or replacing.

    Yeah for Faith!

  2. I am sure Murphy felt the same way, even through his continuing struggles.....

  3. That's funny. At least it didn't fall off down the road somewhere while your music was cranked up.


  4. Jeff are so right. Isn't that the way things go. Look at it this way, it is God providing the way before you know the need.

    Kevin Wecker...I guess Murphy had to have his epiphany some way huh? are so right. Thank God I was at home instead of at some intersection or something where everyone would be honking and annoyed that I can't push my car out of their way.


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