Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My Morning Walk...

This was the view when I got out of my car this morning.....

I couldn't resist getting my little cell phone out to sieze some of the images into memory.

It is still winter here. The frost and chill of 35 degree weather was crisp in the morning breeze.
As I watched the veil of fog lift off the landscape, question in my mind begged for an answer.
How can anyone on Earth see the beauty and uniqueness of life, labeling it as chance evolution, and doubt the existence of a creator?

Right now, the land is sleeping, hibernating in the frost and weather of season.
But even in that there is beauty.

The wrens, finches, and stellar jays were singing their song.
As they did, I kept hearing a worship song in my head and heart.

" The heavens declare Your glory,
The oceans rise up to You,
The mountains they bow before You,
So I'll join with the Earth and sing praises to You!"

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  1. Jules you have got some great photos there, and it does look truly beautiful, what a wonderful start to the day.


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