Friday, March 7, 2008


On my drive to take "Pippin" to school this morning, I was sitting at the light and absently looking around at the morning hustle. Across the street from us there were 5 children waiting for their crosswalk sign to let them continue in their journey. They all looked to be in elementary school, probably ranging in ages 6-11 years old. The first 3 were boys, stair-stepped in height and had the same dark brown hair color. I figured them to be siblings. The other 2 children were blonde. One was a boy, maybe 10 years of age, and the other was a smaller girl, the youngest of the group. I figured these two to be siblings as well.

With my window up and cars going by, I could not hear their conversation but they were a sight to watch. The three brunette boys were pretty purposeful in their gaze and direction. They only spoke to each other when it seemed truly necessary. Maybe the dread of the Friday spelling test was floating around in each of their heads.

The two blondes were a bit different. The older brother stood with purpose in his shoulders. He watched the tale tell signs that would let him know when the time would be to use the crosswalk. As the opposing light turned from green to yellow, he reached down to take his little sister's hand. She in turn....pulled away and gave him an obvious and defiant look of, "I am not a child. I know how to walk." He took his eyes away from the light and looked down at her, saying not a single word. Their eyes met, locked, and time ticked away. Then very slowly, the little girl put her hand back into his bigger one and she timidly leaned against his side as they prepared to cross the street.

Life and relationships are all around us. It is a continual blessing. All we have to do is take the time to look.


  1. I have crossed many streets in life. To have you entrust your hand to mine would be an honor and a trust that I would hold dear.

    May you never cross any street alone. I would be, Your Friend and Servant.

  2. Wow you've been busy posting the past couple of days.

    Great observation of the kids. We all fight to be independent don't we?

  3. That's so sweet. She will cherish her big brother in the years to come. I bet he will always watch over her, so her future boyfriends better be on their best behavior!
    She gives him purpose, and he gives her refuge.
    Thanks for visiting my blog via David's.

  4. You have a very good eye for seeing things, most people would have been sitting there so wrapped up in their own worlds that they never would have even noticed the children except as things they had to wait for! I think the pre-illness me would have been too wrapped up, but now I tend to see and appreciate far more of what is around me!!

  5. Dearest John...I would completely entrust you. You have become such a brightness in each day that I look forward to. are right. I have been busy typing away. I guess I should have slowed down and give my readers opportunity to catch up.

    The independence was different for me with being a first child and all. I can only imagine the struggle for it with having older siblings.

    Jamie Dawn...I am so glad you came by. Thank you for your insight. I had not quite thought of their relationship in that way but it blesses me to do so now.

    Mima...thank you for being so transparent. I think we have all been in places and times where we didn't notice things and people around us.
    There are certainly times when I still get caught up in my own nose that I forget to look but I am so grateful when I suceed in viewing other before myself.


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