Thursday, April 10, 2008

I have been stuck on auto-pilot this week. My mind and thoughts are missing writing/blogging but at the moment I have been pre-occupied.

Pre-occupied with what you ask? Well now that we have a new water heater in place, praise God!!! (and thanks to my brother-in-law who is a plumbing parts delivery driver), I have been catching up on the laundry.

Plus with my in-laws coming into town tonight, I have been making sure the house is up to snuff.
No, the pressure isn't from them. They are so great and my mother-in-law is one of my biggest cheerleaders in understanding my time limits. I do the pressure myself because I want everything just right.

Tonight, we have 11 family members coming over for dinner. For some, that is a cake walk to prepare for and for others it is a huge amount to feed. I tend to sit right in the middle. I find it works best to simply not think about it and have fun.

The menu tonight is spagetti.....
and home made bread.

In the midst of preparing the above, below is a sample of one of the things I taught today....

-2X + 8 = -X + 2
Can you solve it?


  1. verifier: demxfuny them is funny -- not your math, though! I should be able to do that problem, but I've been doing 5th grade math for ten years. That seems to be my limit ...

    My love says that x = 6. I'll go with that answer.

  2. Quilly beat me to it. x=6

    Hope you have a great time with the family

  3. What do I win if I get the answer and can I come over for some of that bread? :o)

  4. That bread looks really delicious, and I think that 11 people sounds like an awful lot to be cooking for - I hope that you all have a wonderful time, and try not to be too hard on yourself.

  5. Quilly and OC....Bravo! You now get 5 gold stars for a job well done.

    Jeff...Good for you too. You get a big happy smile.

    Kelly...Hon you can always come over for hot fresh bread. This batch I gave a small helping of onion and a generous helping cheddar cheese.

    Mima...Thank you for the well wishes. You made me smile from the inside out.

  6. Whew. I was afraid I was going to have to try to solve that one.

    That bread looks yummy. Can you come to my house next?


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