Saturday, April 12, 2008

Red Sunset Park...

This evening, I was able to get to the park for the ending of the picnic. I sat and visited for a bit with everyone and thought about how wonderful it is to have these opportunities to be together. After a time though, the pond water and ducks were calling out to me. I decided to take a short walk away from everyone and just breathe after the emotional trauma of the day. It was so nice to enhale in the fresh warm air...a mixture of spring florals, earth and water.

I had to snap some shots when I saw what this girl was walking in the park.
Can you tell what it is?


  1. The peace of nature always help me heal as well. ?i am glad you had some place to go for both companionship and solitude. I am also glad you enjoyed some whimsy in the form of a little striped friend. Did you get to pet her/him?

  2. Sorry to hear about your uncle. Prepared or not, it's always difficult.

    I'll bet that girl gets a lot of looks with that skunk.

  3. Blissful!

    Thank you for allowing me to tag along.

    I love You!

  4. I'm so glad that you managed to get some much needed time for yourself, and some time with family too. You have to be in good shape to look after other people, and that means looking after yourself too.

    Is that really a skunk, what a strange pet to have, I know that I am an ignorant English lass, but don't they create quite a stink?

  5. know, I was so busy trying to get some good shots of the little guy that I never did touch him. Silly me. I should have at least stuck my hand out once.
    The girls did though. They said he was really soft.

    Jeff...thank you for your understanding.
    I think she does get alot of looks with that skunk. But I got the impression that she is pretty outgoing anyway.

    John are welcome to "tag along" any time.

    Mima...No don't put yourself down. I too questioned the smarts in having a skunk for a pet. His "stink" glands had been removed. The girl said he is actually quite laid back. Even when 8 kids were surrounding him, he never arched his back or raised his tail.

  6. I use to live right next door to this park. Never saw any skunks though.

  7. Kelly...the girl told me that she had purposed to get a pet recently that would irritate her room mate. I didn't ask if it was working.

  8. Awww it's a pet skunk! Much like a ferret, you can get them descented. They are actually very friendly animals...I was just telling Wes yesterday how we should get a skunk. :)

    I'm so sorry to hear about your uncle. My grandfather passed away 4 years ago after a 13 year battle with cancer, so it was expected but takes your breath away nonetheless, as you said. Cancer sucks. :( I'm praying for you!!


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