Monday, June 2, 2008

Moments of Bits and Pieces.....

I haven't been around much lately. everything great has been happening. It is simply that I can't seem to organise myself into multi-tasking with blogging at the moment. So, what has gotten me so pre-occupied?

1) Pippin has officially graduated from CAL now. That leaves one more year of schooling for her and we are in sort of a holding pattern to decide our course of events for fall. I have submitted for an out of district transfer for both of our girls and that has been approved. Now we are waiting for the "other" district to give their approval. This other school offers much more opportunities and choices than our own district so we are anxious to hear the final verdict. Until then, we are stuck with wanting to make class choices and full or part time decisions until we know for sure.

2) My cousin is getting ready to open a craft store. Okay, it doesn't make everybody jump up and down with delight....but for me it is exciting. I have been going around town picking up my supplies so that I can create all sorts of simplistic finery that is my personal specialty. Eventually I suppose I might get back into quilting and teaching classes if things go well, but for now that seems a bit to overwhelming for me to swallow. The simplest things have me hooked up right now....namely how do I package my wares and what sort of signature "title" do I give them? I know big decisions. You can laugh, but it really has me stumped.

3) I have been telling myself that I would hold off and not announce this until I was completely finished...but I can't hold off tooting my horn of excitement just a tiny bit. The announcement is.....I HAVE BEEN LOSING WEIGHT. Is that really worthy of an announcement? Well for me it is. For the past 14 years or so, I have gone up and down on the scales. The outcome has made me miserable and loss of self esteem has always been a factor. For too many years I have had a relationship with food. It has been my comforter in times of stress, emotion, tension, and boredom.

A couple of months ago, actually if you remember it was the same time that I got mysteriously sick, I started watching my food intake. I am not sure what mental switch has been flipped inside my head, but now taking care of my body has become very important to me. Those carbs are not calling in magical song to me anymore and it is very easy for me to turn any foods down.

So I just have to say that I am feeling the beginnings of victory.

(Nominated for a mention on David's post of the day. Wow my fast paced craziness made someone smile.)


  1. Yay on the weightloss.

    What kind of crafts are you trying to package?

    And, without knowing what they are I can't say whether or not this is appropriate but: Jules' Jewels?

  2. I am so proud of you! I really enjoyed reading this blog; you sound happier than I've seen in a long time. It makes my heart jump at your success. See you Saturday!

  3. this IS a busy time of year isn't it? Graduations, weddings, lots to do and fresh sights to see...sounds like the craft store might be loads of fun and I'm so happy for you regarding your weight loss...losing weight is a challenge and I think especially for moms because we tend to place ourselves last on the list for proper care...I'd be much happier if I lost a little myself, 15-20 lbs. and I'd have many more clothes to wear! It's a good time to start, but then I always say that! Have fun thinking of a signature title for your wares, you'll have to give us more information so we can brainstorm.

    Have a good day ~

  4. Big congrats on the weight loss, you must be really proud of yourself - I am just about to start watching what I eat again as I have put on a bit while giving up smoking, all to easy to do when you are stuck in bed with no exercise!

    Good luck with schools, you might need to explain the system to me as it seems to be very different to how it works here, how old is Pippin, and what is an out of district transfer?

    As for the craft store, it sounds wonderful fun, and with all of that going on I can understand the lack of posts!!

  5. Quilly...thank you so much. For possible ames, that was actually one I have been toying with. You know what they say about great minds.....

    Once I have more things made, I will post hem for you to see.

    Trek....giggle giggle. So veggie pizza and m&ms?

    Joni...Thank you Joni. I agree that as moms focusing on losing weight can be so hard. Of course that is a blind opinion for me because being a mom is the only shoeas I have ever worn but we all know the point that is being made. Being so busy with "hats" and things, I had always gotten too tired to even put the energy out for myself. Now things are different and I am so glad. I am a third of the way there now yahoo!

    The store, myself and 4 others are bringing stuff together into one small little space so I am concentrating on 3 things right now cards, tile coasters, and bracelets. Like I said, once I have more product made, I will psot it for you to see.

    Mima...thank you. You know what, you have such great will power. I know you can do anything you set your mind to doing. I have often heard that people gain weight when they stop smoking so know that you are not alone. I personally am doing weight watchers. You can join online and track everything from your computer. It really is easy and you have complete freedom to make your own choices.

    Our schools, basically kids are supposed to mandatorily attend the school that they live closer to. I applied for an out of district transfer based on the idea that I know of another school that offers more educational opportunities and frankly more safety. School districts don't really care about my personal reasons but they do allow the transfers to happen if there are classes that your child is wanting that are not available within their home district. It is all so silly and it has everything to do with tax money. Each school gets "so" much money based on how many children are in attendance each year.

  6. Sounds like your running on all cylinders. Good for you!

  7. That's DEFINITELY a victory, Jules.

  8. What's wrong with having a relationship with food? Especially when it's chocolate? I've never had chocolate that's disagreed with me.


  9. Jeff...thanks for the cheers. On a side note, do you know how much your fun profile picture makes me smile all the time? Did you do that on time lapse or have one of the boys snap it?

    David...thank you. I am so excited. I am loving seeing myself melt away. I am so looking forward to doing a before and after post,ummm I figure by the end of summer.

    Sauerkraut...welcome. I am glad you could come by for a visit. The problem with relationships of food with me is that is has just run my life for far too long. Chocolate on the other hand, isn't that always a girl's best friend? It has the ever important magneseum in it so it must be eaten every day to keep in balance. (wink wink)

  10. Lisa actually took that on my request. She of course, was shaking her head the whole time.

    Glad you like it. It's pretty much me on a regular basis.

  11. How wonderful that your days are filled with wonder and excitement...good for you!
    David sent me...

  12. That's wonderful, Jules. I'm about to head down that path, too, right now. I'll use your success for inspiration!

    I hope your cousin's store does well.

  13. Sandi...Thank you for stopping by and sharing your cheers of encouragement.

    Jennifer...well goodness, is the path your are preparing for one of starting a craft business because I look at your profile picture and can't imagine an ounce of extra to lose off of you anywhere.

  14. BRAVO for the weight loss.


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