Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Confessions of A Stalker Parent.....

Not long after school started this year, Pippin came home with confusion in her eyes and an uncomfortable gait in her walk. A new guy friend had asked her to the home coming dance...via cell phone text message. It was the first time she had been asked out and because she viewed him as a "buddy" it really threw her for a loop.

She asked for my advice on what to do. Like any other parent, I pondered how best to answer. Being too protective is over bearing and shows untrustworthiness while not saying anything at all conveys the idea of not caring.

So, I pulled the high card. I told her that while I imagine he was really nervous about asking her......asking for a first date in a text message was really lame and wimpy. I know we live in the 21st century but I personally think that a girl's standards should be set a bit higher than that.

She appreciated my advice as she wrestled a bit longer on a decision...only to find out that he acquired a new girlfriend and chose to take her instead.
Sigh....teen boys...........

Even still with all of that going on, he quietly pursues my girl. (Somebody please slap him for me.) I would really love to meet him to observe how he ticks, but opportunity hasn't risen yet.

A couple of days ago, Pippin was sick and stayed home from school. She enjoyed sleeping in my cozy bed and snuggling up while her body recouped. When she felt better she moved most of her things back to her room for a quiet night.....all things that is except her cell phone which stayed forgotten on my night stand.

At midnight her phone rang with a text message. It took me a few minutes of clearing the fog from my brain and my husband shaking me to realise where the noise was coming from. Like any other involved parent, I looked at the phone, saw that it was HIM.......and so I read the message. "Hey, whatz up? How ya doing?"

I was peeved and irked. I tossed for a few minutes while trying to work through the consequences of the actions I was thinking of taking. Then I did just what I wanted to do. After all, isn't it part of the parent creed to embarrass our kids sometimes and give them THOSE stories to share when they are 30 years old?
I texted him back. I wasn't mean or rude, over bearing or callous. I simply stated, "Hi. This is Pippin's mom. She is sleeping right now....because it is midnight. Why aren't you?" See, nothing wrong with that.

The next morning I told her what I did. She was shocked that he had sent a message that time of night and thought what I had done was funny. Even more funny is that he didn't answer back and when she tried to say hi yesterday it was like he was looking for her secret service body guards that were sure to jump out of the bushes if he made any false moves.

giggle giggle......the joys of parenting.


  1. Jules i like it i like it Good on you bulldog. new name for you will call you bulldog.GRRRRRRRRR. Bye.

  2. Alan...bulldog huh? There are a handful of boys in youth group that tease me about being a tough cookie. After I completed that obstacle course in August one boy has taken to calling me "brick house" after a silly popular song over here.
    It makes me blush. Of course I would rather be a bit tough than completely wishy washy.

  3. Being a teenage boy, it probably hadn't occurred to him that she HAD parents.

  4. well that's one less pesky boy you will have to worry about.

  5. Jules...this is priceless! Thank goodness it was an innocent text. Myself...I wouldn't know HOW to text him back! You done good, mom!!

  6. Well done and quite restrained and good for Pippin taking it so well.

    I don't think I would have been quite that polite.

  7. Happy thanksgiving to you and the family. God bless you all.

  8. So clever of you, you're a very good mum, the boy has learn a good lesson about life and girls. Funny and pleasant little story.

  9. Oh Jules, someone wrongly sent a lovey dovey message to my our home mobile and i thought it was for my 11 year old daughter, well, I flipped mad!! Until hubby had to calm me down and said its a wrong message obviously. I dont know how I will handle it but I think you handled it well. You are a good mum. I may have to come to you for consultation very near in the future..hehe...sigh ..parenting and doesnt get any better than this, does it? big hugs

  10. How much did I love this post? THIS MUCH (************) What is it with kids these days? They just came out with a study that until they're like 18 they should be getting at least 9 count em 9 hours of sleep every night! How they can get up at 5 or near to brush, shower eat dress catch the bus school all day bus home by like 4 do homework and STILL be up at midnight to text!!! They don't understand, these are the sleeping years...when they're grown, there will be no time for sleep...LOVED THIS POST!
    "ya done good my friend, ya done good"!

  11. right you are.

    Jeff...I hear the Mission Impossible theme song in my head right now.

    Joni...ta-da If it were all only that easy right?

    Carol...thank you

    Moannie...thank you. I figured a bit of care would insure not burning too many bridges.

    Alan...thank you happy thanksgiving to you too...oh wait I am sorry wrong country. Happy blessings your way.

    Kitem...thank you. He is still wary around her.

    MKate...I think you got so angry because she is only 11 and your weren't quite prepared yet. I think e get more prepared and grow along with our children as they grow. When the time comes it will be a bit easier I promise.
    That must have been funny though. If nothing else, your daughter knows where you stand.
    Smiles my friend.

    Sandi....smiles...that is something that erally gets me too. They need so much sleep and drag around everywhere from a lack of it. But suggest to them that they should sleep and it is like the toddler swearing they are not tired in the midst of a full yawn.

  12. That is great! So glad she took well too!


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