Thursday, November 6, 2008

Uganda Updates....

I haven't been around much and I am sorry. I have wanted to write and visit but have been feeling a bit under the weather lately. For a while now, I have had chronic severe headaches and have recently been seeing a physical therapist to try and get things to calm down. My last appointment seemed to aggravate things though and now I am slow. But that is okay. Everything has a season and I will get over this.

I want to share some great and amazing news about Pippin's preparations for her Uganda trip. First and foremost.....she has all of her money that will be needed for the trip expenses! It has been such an amazing thing of faith to walk out. Here were have been believing that she is supposed to go on this trip with a cost factor that we can't even begin to bite into and God kept whispering that everything would be taken care of. On the other side of that has been the other voice that laughs and says, "You are believing in what? Aren't you a fool!" But we have dared to believe anyway.
Last weekend, she was given 3 large donations that made her balance complete. All the donations have been so generous no matter what the size. These are hard economic times that we are living in right now and for anyone to give anything is such an act of generosity. We were most shocked though by my hubby's boss who sent 2 donations. One was a check from the company and one was a personal check.....both being 20 times more than we could have imagined.
I think that speaks on so many levels. It speaks to answered faith and encouragement coming from unexpected places. It also speaks of how the company feels about the work my hubby has done for them over the years. We have been in awe ever since.

As if that was not enough, here is a story that I think will make you smile as much as it did us...

Recently I gave Pippin an old skirt that I had bought some 15 years ago when we were stationed in Okinawa. It is a light cotton gauze material that is flowing and reaches her ankles. She decided it would be perfect to wear in Uganda. The light weight material would really help the 90 degree summer temperatures while the modest covering would give her the freedom to do many different activities during her stay. The only problem is that it is not a current style. So I figured we would go to the big local fabric store and I would create what was needed.

After surfing through a myriad of patterns and materials I realized that now matter what I bought, I would have to make serious adjustments and it would all be pretty spendy. I figured each skirt would run about $30 if I was super careful. Then I would still need to figure out how to make the cute little waist line tassels that she loved so much on the original skirt.
Sigh.......I walked around the store thinking and praying, "Lord I want so much for her to have at least 4 skirts for the trip. I can sew and create my own pattern if necessary but I am not as good as I used to be and this is really going to take time. And the tassels, yikes! You are really going to have to help me with that......"
Then I stopped in my tracks. Right in front of me was a table marked "Manager's Special". It had 6 skirts on it that were beautifully patterned ankle length with light cotton gauze material. They even had the inner skirt lining already in place AND the waist line tassels. Why they were there in a fabric store I have no idea. It is not like they were classroom demonstration products or something because they had manufacture tags on them. Now get this........they were selling for $5 each. I couldn't have even bought a yard of material for that!

As we loaded up with our 4 choices, a sales person walked by and said, "Oh good. I was hoping to get rid of those. I don't even know where they came from."

Would you agree that is pretty amazing?

David at Authorblog award this post with a mention on his Post of the Day. It is an honor.


  1. Of course you know where they came from! God made sure your needs were always!

  2. I forgot to tell you I hope those headaches get done with soon...I know how bad that can be...try to relax...take a small cloth bag (make one if you have to) and put into it 2 boxes (round box, cheapo) of salt...the bag should be big enough to fit around your neck...stitch it closed and heat it in the microwave till it's warm enough to'll hold it's heat longer than a damp cloth and you can reheat it whenever you need it...this is my grandmother's invention...but she heated the salt in a cast iron skillet...they didn't have microwaves!

  3. try apple cider and for me most of the time ;p
    Uganda? wow..very exciting, exotic and dangereous too so here's wishing that she has a fabulous trip :p

  4. Hi missed you. God never lets us down. if He calls the needs are met. you know where those skirts came from.just what she needs.she looks good follows her mother.i thank the Lord for all those that heard God's's great news GOD as a calling on her life. you i pray that you are healed. for her Romans 8:27-28 amen amen

  5. I am glad to see you blog again, I missed you! I can't wait until you share this testimony at church!

    And may you be healed in Jesus

  6. See, that HAD to be a God thing. There is no other logical way to explain that.

  7. AMAZING, really, I missed you too, I am sorry for your headaches, but soo happy for Pippin and all the preparations going well. Thanks for the photos, she's such a cutie.

  8. Wow, it is soo good to remember that sometimes God answers our prayers, even sometimes before we ask, isn't it?

    May God be with you all...(and your headaches be lessened).


  9. Oh sweetie, I so hope these headaches pass. What an amazing post Jules, and so life affirming. Your daughter is beautiful, a chip off the old block. How long is she going for? When does she leave? I can only imagine how proud (and nervous) you must be. Exciting times, huh?

  10. and yet another answered we not have an amazing God?...just another sign that this trip was meant to be...blessings to you my friend ~

    cute skirts, by the way!

  11. truly amazing, God is always taking care his people. Have s good weekend and blessings to you

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  13. Jules your husband will love this site????

  14. Very nice post, Jules.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comments. Come back and visit and I will brew some tea!

  15. just dropping by wondering how things were going...I've had you on my mind and the trip to a Linguistics class I am taking we are learning rules of language using the African Zulu language so we don't get caught up in our instincts to English and I keep thinking "Ah, these words would be very useful to Pippin."

    Well, dear friend I hope these days are providing you with JOY ~



  16. DEAR JULES for your daughter Ex 23:20.Behold,I send an Angel before you to keep you in the way and to bring you into the place which i have prepared. Blessing to all.St. Poddy.

  17. That story of God's perfect timing gave me a smile. Isn't that great when he shows us glimpses of Him?

    Hope you're feeling better too.

  18. Sometimes we forget just how good His timing is, Jules.

  19. over from David's . . .

    Yes, A definite smile, though through tears, what a wonderful story of God's provision! Love it!

  20. I love the story. Peoples personal experiences with the goodness of God always warm my heart.

    An Arkie's Musings

  21. They say that God provides... and it seems to be true. Lovely post.

  22. What a beautiful testimony that God knows what we need...and when to give it to us! The skirts are beautiful!!


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