Saturday, December 27, 2008

Belated Merry Christmas To You!.....

The snow kept on coming and coming. I know if I was living in a place like Michigan, North Dakota, or Alaska then the snow we had in Portland would be nothing to speak of. But for our area....2 feet was a lot to deal with. It basically shut down the city right before Christmas. Hubby and I ventured out a couple of times in the thick of it to get groceries and fresh air. Silly I know but for some reason being couped up made me really want to have Chinese food. It was so hard to find a place open with all of this snow.

By Christmas Eve the city had gotten control of things enough that we decided that nothing would stop us from being with my folks for Christmas. Our home is at an elevation of something like 400 feet while they are at 1100 feet on the top of one of the larger buttes in the countryside. The snow that we had in the city was nothing compared to what they had. We loaded up the car with presents, groceries, and overnight clothing and our faithful 4x4 got us most of the way there. Putting our belongings on the sled and hiking the rest was easy enough since my dad had shoveled a path for us.

Most of our extended family was unable to get out there but my brother and his wife were able to trek out for a few hours before another layer of snow hit. We had a wonderful evening together making memories, playing cards, and sharing stories. Christmas day began with our traditional Portuguese breakfast of vingadalsh, rice, and eggs and became a snuggle day for the rest of the time we were there.

Here are just a couple of highlights of Christmas for us.
One of the large trees in my parents yard fell under the weight of snow and ice. It landed on the roof over my Nana's bedroom. Praise God that no one was hurt and from what we can tell around all the snow there is no real structural damage aside from one limb poking through the porch eave.

News of all news!
My sister-in-law is going to have a baby!
I am going to be an auntie!

There is much more to tell but for now I must go.
Blessings to you and I hope you had a wonderful and joyous filled Christmas.


  1. Ah, Jules, how pretty. What a wonderful Christmas. How pleased your parents must have been for you to make the extra effort to get there...and to stay overnight too!

    I was lucky to score a white Christmas in NY one year when I went to visit my daughter! Magical!

    Meanwhile we are having wonderful cooler weather here today with a rain influence coming through. It seems as if we might be having a regular wet season after all these years of the worst record breaking drought in living memory! We pray our water supplies will be replenished. May it be the start of some more normal wet seasons over the next few years!

    Thanks for your visit to my blog. Sorry to hear the snow interupted your internet...hopefully you still had heating etc.


  2. Bonjour Jules, I am sorry that I didn't let a comment on your posts for quite a long time, but i did still think about you and daughter.
    I haven't seen snoz for so many years i dom't reminber how it feels, so you are lucy to have so much snow at home, happy belated christmas and a very happy healthy laughing New Year, much love to your family. (waiting for the baby here)

  3. Rhooooohh so many spelling mistakes up there, sorry about that. I meant I haven't seen SNOW for so many years I don't even remember how magical it could be.

  4. I hope the tree comes off the roof without doing anymore damage! Congrats on the coming new baby. I am glad you had a warm and happy Christmas. I hope the New Year brings you even more blessings!

  5. Wow! Just imagine snow so deep that you have to finish your trip on a sleigh, what a great story. Happy you had a good and safe Christmas with your loved ones.

    Great pictures by the way..make a good card for next year.

  6. SNOW SNOW EVERYWHERE, U.S.A having a bad winter. Here in Wales we get very little snow,hard frost which we have'nt seen for many years came this year going into 2009.When i was a boy in 1950's it snowed every year till 1982,that was the last big snowfall,about grandson's don't get to play in the snow,shame.what did pippin and the rest do for christmas? Have a blessed new year to you and yours.Did you get the E-cards.

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