Thursday, March 19, 2009

For Real?.......

"So what do you think of the name Kekoa?" I said as we were driving home from the school bus stop.
Both girls commented that it sounded interesting but wanted to know what it meant.
"It means the courageous one in Hawaiian.........and I think it is what I will call the puppy that I am going to pick up on Saturday!"
Good golly there were so many squeals of delight filling my car.

Yes that is right. Saturday my prayers are being answered and I will be getting a little puppy.
As I have mentioned before, I have been researching for months about dog types and then everything about the one I want.
I am getting a West Highland White Terrier, or Westie for short.
There have been so many decisions to make.......boy or a girl, puppy or adult, food and care......
The more I learned the more the desire built up inside me. The really hard part has been the cost. With working to pay off all those bills and be debt free there is no play room to cover the cost of a breeder right now. So I have been telling myself to be mature and wait patiently. It didn't stop me from looking through the ads though. For a while it helped me just to look and know that some day I would have my turn. But lately I have been driving myself crazy with that desire.

So what changed? I happened to find a breeder that listened to my situation and decided it was more important to place her little one in my loving home than to earn a large fee.
I cannot even begin to explain to the fullest extent the excitement and favor I feel right now.

Be ready for tons of 10 week old puppy pictures in a couple of days.


  1. This will be one very loved and cared for wee westie.

    You deserve your current blessings. Now to get ready for a wee furry one to take over your lives - hide away your good shoes and precious possesions?

    What a lovely lead into your Springtime,

    Care and huggles from cat lover Mickle xxx

  2. I love puppies!!!!! I can't wait for the pictures. Westies are adorable, but I don't know much about the breed. Educate us!

    Peace - D

  3. Nice name, unique, special and different but a good one for sure. Cant wait to see your puppy. Have a great weekend Jules, much love/M

  4. Ho things are going to change??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????what did hubby say and have you told him.?

  5. Be prepared for your heart to melt! Love the name. Can't wait to see all those photos!

  6. You sound so very excited! Were you squealing louder than the girls?

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