Thursday, April 29, 2010

One And The Same....

Testimonies and worship are in my thoughts today. Maybe as I sit here for a few minutes I can make them come together a bit more for they really are one in the same.

A testimony is a story that tells the truth of an occurrence. While it can be used to tell any form of fact, it is most commonly referred to in telling of things God has done. In so telling it becomes a form of worship simply by letting others know of God's greatness.

Worship on the other hand is a way of demonstrating God's goodness. Demonstrations encompass singing, dancing and all forms of creative expression. In doing so it becomes something of a testimony.

I love to tell anyone who will listen how amazing God is and what I recognise Him to be doing at any given time. I also love to worship Him in song, in dance and in heart every chance I get. As I have grown in my display of love for Him, my interpretation of what love looks like has changed and grown.

What do I mean by that? Let me compare with the human relationship of man and woman. An attraction starts with a glance and a curiosity. It bubbles into finding opportunities to spend time together and they hang on the other's every word. Their physical relationship begins with their hands "accidentally" brushing against one another and then evolve into hand holding and long embraces. With the amount of time they spend together, they know what the other is thinking just by a simple look and there is complete openness of heart and security with no worries of condemnation or ridicule.

That example can be mirrored by my own relationship with God. In the beginning of knowing Him I would pray and sing in quiet reverence that was careful of not being noticed. As time went on and I grew more comfortable in knowing His love for me I would put a little step to my feet at the fun of music and after more time I dared to raise my hands in song as if I could actually physically touch and hold Him.

The past few months, as I have spread my arms skyward in open embrace, I have been seeing pictures shape behind my eye lids. They aren't pictures to be seen by the naked eye. They are colors; colors that dance through the air as if carried by the wind. I find myself reaching for those colors without being able to explain why. To my heart I felt it was an unspoken new level of freedom.

This past weekend in church it finally occurred to me that in my heart I was seeing the Holy Spirit dancing for joy and overflowing with love and I knew that somehow I had to join in. Though I had never used them before, I asked my friend if I could borrow her blue flag banner. With worship music keeping the time, I stood back to the side of the sanctuary and began twirling that flag as if it had life of its own. I became completely lost in the rhythm of Holy Spirit color and my own blue flag color. Back and forth we went, tumbling through the air as birds in precision areal dance.

How do I even put to words what that felt like?
I know that colors have meanings just like things have meaning. (I think it is pretty universally known that a dove means peace for example) But I don't know what the color blue means to God. I only know that while I was in the midst of this new demonstration of my love for Him I felt and heard these words: Simplicity, Love, Freedom

I must spend more time thinking on this. But I wanted to be sure to journal it here before any part gets fuzzy in my mind.

Below is a video of the song that was playing and it was being played by this very band too. They were in town on tour from New Zealand and blessed us with an amazing concert.

May you have a blessed and wonderful week as you feel Him all around you.


  1. I read this and as always I am at awe with your words, but then I turned on the music and reread this.

    the tears are flowing

    I realized my own deep desire to dance with the Lord

    So I got up and danced

  2. Oh, Jules...that's so awesome...I'm sure God simply delights in you! Your heart is so beautiful! Love, Janine XO

  3. Just stopping to say, I prayed for you and your Dad today...and last night...and that I love you! Janine XO

  4. Hi Jules thanks for callig your post. pray that you and your family will be blessed with peace and joy and keep you all strong. love Pod.


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