Friday, January 14, 2011

Some of the Simple Joys......

Some of the simple joys in life...

Funny how I walked around the store to get toys
that I thought would be just right....

when the damp napkin left over from
cleaning up lunch residue.....

is a treasure to behold.

May you also find the simple joys in your day today.


  1. Hi Jules, thanks for visitng my sites. Yes, the "ideas" site is mine, too. I wanted to put my ideas out there, I am always looking for good ideas, I thought others would be, too. Your little bug is so cute! She looks like she is so much fun to hug & play & cuddle with.
    I love how you search for the perfect gift/toy & the kids like the wrapping, package of piece of tape. Hmm, simple things, we all should take a lesson.
    Your girls are just beautiful, I raised all boys so I have no experience with daughters. I can imagine how precious they are. Are Puddin and Pippin their given names or pet names?
    I'm feeling lots better now, thanks for the well wishes.

  2. That is so true! The simplest of things like a box or a pan or a tissue gives as much if not more pleasure than the most expensive toy.I find it is the same with the rabbits. They like a cardboard box or toilet roll case stuffed with hay!
    Your little one is divine!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  3. She so is an angel, a gorgeous wee lass with a very loving Auntie caring for her.

    Sending care and warm huggles to you all, with an added pat for Kekoa,
    Michelle and Zebby

  4. Those are the cheeks that Great Aunts all over the world long to squeeze!


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