Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Birthdays Galore.....

Yesterday, Miss Angel-girl (now officially 2 years old) and I played in the back yard. I was trying to capture a glimpse of her happy self in the sunshine but realized afresh that it is next to impossible to click a picture un-blurred. Instead I opted for this action photo that captures her every day happenings.  Good golly she is a healthy and energetic little thing. She loves to "bouncy-bounce" on the trampoline, "cook" in the playhouse and admire "flutterflies" before the sun gets hot and her tummy hungry.

Yesterday we celebrated Pippin's birthday....20 years old. My, my, my.....  It wasn't her official day but we had postponed festivities since she worked a double shift on her celebrated day to cover for someone needing time off.

While Angel-girl was napping I sort of went nuts with cake decorating. Normally my bend is to leave the cake in a 9x13 glass dish and frost the top of it. If I remember to buy candles then it is really special and the birthday person feels quite lucky.  As you can see; something got into me this year. Chocolate inside with fresh strawberries in the layers and cream cheese frosting outside with yummy color and pizazz.

 Here is a fun shot of Puddin', Pippin and (hmmmm what shall I nickname him) The Poet. The Poet is...The Guy.....the one that seems to be stealing my Pippin's heart. He made her some jewelry for her birthday, bought her a favorite book she has been drooling over AND showed up with a dozen orange roses.

The 3 of them together all had fun cracking jokes through the evening, creating impromptu games at the dinner table and then learned how to play jacks while sitting on the kitchen floor with my mom and Nana. 
 Pippin my lovely baby-girl, which you will always be no matter how old you are, I have so much in my heart I want to say and can't find the words to express them. I love you and am so very proud of you.

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