Thursday, March 1, 2012

He is Here....

 Tonight as I get ready for bed, I find myself needing to stop here and make note of the fact that life has been moving at mock speed. 

Even still; God is here.

In the midst of out of town company and crisis ministry; God is still here.
Despite lost keys, fainting daughters, doctor appointments, routine test and then my own pulled ligament that seems to not want to give up; God is still here.
Unexpected schedule changes, balancing routine with stepping into learning I can do more than I think I can; and God is here.

He is in all of it. 

He is with the family that I cannot protect every day. He is in the insurance adjustments and job challenges.
All the every day things that are big and small; they can be taxing and draining, invigorating and challenging....they all come with their own choices and outcomes.

I choose....

I choose...........

I choose to remember that with all of my choices, they lead wit the factor that God is here and I am never ever alone.

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  1. yes I feel He is here for me as well! Love the pic
    God Bless you in all that you have to do in MOCK speed or slow gear. janice


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