Thursday, August 9, 2012

They Are Engaged!....

From the beginning of their relationship, they both laid the ground rules that neither were looking for a hang out buddy. Neither wanted to invest their hearts into a relationship that would spiral into a 'burn out waste of time' just for the sake of not being single. For the last year they have supported and encouraged one another as they live their daily lives and talk frankly about their future. Even still; she had no idea when she suggested they spend a beautiful Saturday at the beach that he had a surprise up his sleeve.

For us, one evening in the end of May while she was still at work, The Poet came over and had 'the talk' with my husband. We have been bursting with excitement ever since as we give each other knowing glances and adjust to the idea that our precious baby girl is no longer a lil' girl.  

God reminded me of something a couple of weeks ago that made me catch my breath. He put a scene in my mind of the first conversation I ever had with The Poet. I introduced myself to him at church and was enjoying getting to know him. Our conversation revolved around his passions of God, job and school. As I stood there talking and listening, in my head I said, "Papa God, this guy is amazing. There is a wealth of gold in him that You are fashioning." 
God replied, "Yes I know there is. I made him that way and brought him here for her (He named my daughter)".
My instant thought was that I must have heard wrong. At that time, The Poet had an idea he might be moving to Florida for school and I had never pictured my daughter moving to I must have heard wrong. Besides, she was planning to be single for a long time since her dreamy check list she wrote and prayed over for a future husband had very specific criteria.
So I dismissed that mental conversation as something I heard wrong and never gave it another thought......until now.


  1. Jules - this made me smile. I'm so happy for your daughter and the lifemate God has chosen for her. It reminds me of my oldest daughter's story. She has been my model child and her faith in God through all her years has been an inspiration to me. She always felt that God wanted her to marry a preacher, but as she began dating as a young adult, she was thinking she may have to put that thought aside as none came into her life. She finally became engaged to a sweet young man, but the more she prayed about it, she was finally sure he was not who God wanted her to marry. Even though she loved him, she broke the engagement. A couple of months later, another young man from Ohio took a job in the building where she worked and they kept running into each other on the elevator and it seemed everywhere she went, he was there. On their first date, he told her that God had led him to this place. There had been many job opportunities but God had told him to take this one. She was much impressed since she had always tried to follow God's will for her life also. They have been married twenty years this month. He recently graduated from seminary and after preaching as an interim pastor at my husbands childhood church for a few months, he was called to preach there as their permanent pastor and he accepted. Next Sunday will be his first day as their official pastor. God did want her to marry a preacher - but He works in his own time. They are two of the happiest people I have ever known.

    I'm so glad that God chose the path he did for your daughter. With God as their anchor, they will be very happy.

    As usual Jules - you brings blessings into my life everytime I read your posts. God bless you and your family!

  2. Such wonderful news - just look at the joy on Pippen and the Poet's faces and the happiness, care and love that shines through their eyes.

  3. Congratulation Jules :) Awesome news..

    Sabi Sunshine


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