Thursday, August 1, 2013

My Husband is My Hero!

About 3 weeks ago I was visiting my folks when my dad made reference to the bee hive that appeared in their Magnolia tree. It was small and hidden in the leaves of one branch. If you weren't right on top of it you would have no idea it was there.

Then it grew.....

And it grew.................

And it grew..........................

It grew until it was the size of a personal watermelon.
We all got nervous by that time. My mom spied a close look through her binoculars and realized they weren't bees. They were black hornets! At the same time she was looking, my dad was looking as well, only he was closer. He got stung twice as they swarmed outside of the hive in a stance of angry protection. Those stings made him jump and fall back, roll down the hill and take a wedge out of his ear when he hit up against a garden round.
Can you see the black hornet hive?

How about now?
 My husband is so amazing! He decided that he would protect my parents and get rid of that horrid hive for them before anymore awful accidents reared up.

He donned his old military chemical warfare suit.

Then everyone helped.
 Everyone helped him tie up the ends and duct tape every seam imaginable.  Then he sprayed and layered the inside of 3 huge garbage bags with bug spray.

He made it all look so effortless as he walked straight up to the hive, bag it, tie it closed and then cut off the branch.

Thank You God for my amazing husband!

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  1. Now that took guts! Yes he certainly is a hero...congrats on his ability to tackle a problem head on!


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