Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Thank You God for Hospice

God answered my prayers. Of course He always does listen and answer. It is how He is and He can't be any other way.

Nana is now enrolled in Hospice. It is a hard thing because we all know that means she isn't getting any better. But it is also a good thing because it is the much needed help and support that my parents have needed. Now there are multiple people a phone call away with knowledge and expertise that far surpass anything we can do as a family. Having hospice will enable us to love and embrace each other as family without worrying about what to do next.
Thank You God.....

Today I did something that I purposefully chose to do to bless my family. There are no provisions or arrangements at this point for funeral care. I made the calls to inquire and get that started. I called 5 different places and looked up information online. I didn't realize it would be so emotionally hard. Nana is still here and we have the honor and privilege of loving on her and hugging her all we want. So it shocked me that I would choke up on the phone and excuse myself while holding back tears. I also didn't think about the idea that sometimes a funeral home representative can become calloused and cold from the nature of their work.
I am so grateful that I was the one to make the calls. I think it would have been too hard for anyone else.

Thank You God for Your tender mercy, compassion and grace.


  1. I wish you could have the pleasure of dealing with Phillip, our FH Director...he is so wonderful to deal with, and it sounds as though you need a Phillip...someone who understands that you are standing in a shadow and how difficult it is to move into the light where the pain are marvelous for taking this onto yourself dear Jules...God bless you and keep you on an even keel...

  2. Jules, it's so nice to come up for a breath of air and discover that you are writing again. My blog is on vacation while I'm finishing up my book so I just haven't made the time to look at my blogger reading list lately. I know it must be difficult going through these emotional times with the illness of your dear Nana, but it is so wise to do what you're doing now rather than when you're in a rush and so terribly emotional.

    I will enjoy going back and catching up on what's happening in your life. Knowing that God continues to be in the driver's seat beside you (and sometimes doing the driving)will be a great comfort to you in dealing with life's present circumstances. Your words are always an inspiration to me so please keep writing. Reading your healthy living blog has also been inspiring. I've gained a good 10 pounds over the last year and feel totally miserable that I haven't been able to control my eating. I'll be reading your posts each day and with God's help, I'm making a commitment right now to find a healthy eating style that is right for me.

    God Bless you my friend!


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