Thursday, January 23, 2014

Shovel In Hand.....

It has been way too long since I have checked in. Where have I been? That is a good question.
I have been right here. The days have flown by and it is just hard to account for it all.

The quick summary?......our holidays were really nice and quiet. We spent our time with family in town and were so grateful for the time spent. It was different not having Nana here. But we hugged each other and created new memories as we reminisced on old ones.

We did not go to the beach for the New Year celebrating as we normally do. While I missed the getaway and being with our friends, I am glad we stayed close to home this year because the day after Christmas my mom had a 4th heart attack. This was a pretty big one. But the amazing miracle thing that happened is that when the cardiologist looked in her heart via angiogram, he found that God was already causing her body to grow new blood vessels around the blockage as a natural bypass. That simply blows my mind!

Hubby is busy having fun with work and training with races. He and our youngest son-in-law (The Poet) have been signing up together for area paces and have been getting a kick out of the shared interest.
Puddin' is shoulder deep in her college term with 19 credits and a part in the musical. Pao is away visiting her fiance' abroad.

That all leaves me with lots of thinking time.......
Thinking time for myself can be a dangerous thing. :-)
Actually I am finding that there are things within me that I have ignored for a long time. God has been so gracious and patently loving with me. I could keep going just as I am and He would love me no less. But I have a choice to make about the skin I live in. If I want to be all that He has given me the ability to be........then I have to dig in and shovel out even when it is hard and uncomfortable. He has nothing but good plans for me that are filled with His love. All I have to do is get out of the way.

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  1. I have been absent too, time seems to fly by and we have so much going on what with spring only a month and a bit away...a new grandbaby coming, another grand coming of a few months she will be getting her learning permit for driving and the "Mommy Curse" will be nearly complete. Glad to hear the news about your mother...I hope she will continue to improve...does she have stints yet? Would that help? Hope to see you back soon


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