Saturday, May 26, 2007

You want fries with that?

Today was the long anticipated day......I got to paint my living room.

Yahoo! Break out the party hats! Call me dorky but hey, it is the little things in life that make me happy.

It all began with "Wow" and I heading to THE STORE for supplies. My colors had been picked out for a week. Of course, I waffled once we got there and re-chose colors...only to end up with my original choices. So, with Bronze Sculpture and Shady Cove paint chips in hand, we looked for our victim...I mean sales associate.

People are so interesting.

The first associate to answer our call was a woman who chose to carry herself quite proficiently...even though paint was not her expertise. Maybe she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I can just picture it....Dennis and Lorna are in the break room when the call light goes off for the paint department. Dennis pleads, "Lorna PLEASE get that for me. I just had to mix paint for that new condo development on Foster and I really need 5 minutes off my feet."

That may have been the case, or something else entirely. I just would have liked my paint buying experience so much more if she would have said, "Gosh I can't answer all of your paint questions but I will do the best I can", instead of being the "Maybe If I Talk Condesendingly No One Will Notice I Don't Belong Here" person.

Soon enough, Dennis came out and set everything straight. Oh the questions and decisions to be made with paint buying. Flat, satin, semi-gloss, Dutch Boy or HD....oops can't get that color in HD....2 gallons or 3. It was like ordering that burger "my way" with extra fries and a large orange drink.

Once we were finished and the paint was mixed, Dennis asked if there was anything else he could help us with. "Wow" responded with, "Nope...unless you wanna come back to the house and help us paint."

Without missing a beat or a smile, Dennis proclaimed, "Normally I would jump at the opportunity, but I don't think my wife would appreciate it. Really it sounds like fun but ....yeah she really wouldn't be too happy........yeah."

"Wow" and I walked away and giggled once we were out of earshot. Wasn't that cute? He thought we were picking up on him instead of just being smart mouths. We'll just let him think that so he can go home to his wife and have a story to tell.

It is so much more fun to do a project like this with a friend. We spent the day rolling paint, swapping secrets, and of course becoming tight lipped serious workers whenever family members walked through the room.

Now it's the end of the day, the paint is dry and it's time to put the room back together. Everythig looks clean, fresh, and updated in style while I have a head full of fun memories to look back on.

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  1. Oh God I love you... I really enjoyed reading your blog, the one about our painting was great but the one about our friendship made me cry. I love you.


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