Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Answering The Post...

It is fun to answer questions. After all who doesn't like to focus on themselves just a little bit?

The first thing I notice about people.....I think it is all a matter of perception. I watch peoples' behavior because even when I walk up to someone for the very first time of ever meeting them....that first encounter says alot.
Do they smile?
Can they look me in the eye?
Do they mumble or speak with assurance?
You can learn so much about a person's strengths and weakness just by watching how they carry themselves. I think it is a big reason why I like to sit back and watch people in a crowd. In turn, I take what I have learned and apply it to my own life.
Did my smile express sincerity?
Am I remembering that I am never alone but that God is with me all the time?
Do I reflect confidence and an open heart?

You asked some really good questions.
A. Do you walk with your head, pelvis, or chest leading?
You know, I had to get up and walk aroun d the room a few times to figure this out. My girls think I am so strange. haa haa I would have to say...chest.

B. Boots or shoes?
I think boots because I love to hike.

C. Do you prefer things being BIG or small?
In relation to what? pillows....big
dark chocolate...small
encounters with rough people....small

D. If you could have one superpower, what would it be? Because of the superpower, you also got a major weakness too - what would that be? Force of good? Or evil?
Hmmm very thought provoking......I don't think I'd want to fly. Could I disappear? Naw that would be like cheating all of the time. To be endowed with wisdom like that isn't a superpower. That is just a wonderful blessing. How about being able to soothe anyone and anything by my voice. Down side?.....I lose my voice twice a year like clockwork.

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