Wednesday, June 13, 2007

It's Like a Movie...

Today was one of those days that made for interesting watching. You know what I live your day but view it like you are standing next to yourself....watching it play out like a movie.

We have gone to this professional for years, partly because of the quality of service and partly because I have always felt it my mission to minister to him and show him the REAL JESUS that his sincere religion does not reveal. Both he and his assistant came out at different times to the waiting room where I sat and asked me to be praying for thier personal issues.
She didn't divulge detailed information, but instead took it from the stance that if I pray...God will fill in the blanks.
He didn't really ask for prayer per-say. Instead he talked to me about the current status of his son. Sadly, over the last year his youngest son (age 24) has excelled in a life of compulsively destroying himself. He has always had a drive to achieve and excel to perfection in everything he does, so he has pushed himself greatly in a life of prescription meds and alcohol. He said that currently his son is in his third rehab center and hopes this time will take effect. If not and he kills himself, well he knows he did all he could as a parent. Then he smiled and stated that all of this has caused his wife to learn to deal with stress better. So he figures that even if his son dies, at least having his wife cope with her emotions better is a definate up swing.

Could it really be that easy for him to let go?
Or is he talking himself into a way of thinking? I know I do that on a daily basis.....speak positive out loud so that "myself" can hear it. Then pretty soon I believe it.
All the same, no matter which, I wil lbe praying for that situation too.

Other things that happened in my personal cinema:

I watched as the huge truck backed up in the parking lot...all the way into the rear end of the car next to me. They must have had their stereo turned up becasue they didn't hear my horn blowing as they drove away. I wrote down the license number of the truck and put it in the windshield of the car. I guess in retrospect, I should have left my name and number as well incase the truck person denies it. oops.....

I looked over into the parking lot of the shabby motel and noticed the man standing by the car. He had purpose and determination in his stance as he bent over and plunged the screwdriver into the front tire. He stood up to watch the tire deflate. There was satisfaction but not happiness in his face.
Who was he and why did he do that? He wasn't scared of anyone seeing him or his deed in that lot on Sandy Blvd. Was he just wanting to not go to work today and couldn't lie about having a flat tire? Or was he the motel manager determined that Joe wasn't going to leave again without paying this week's rent?

She bounded up to me at the meeting and said with a smile, "well what did you think of my email?"
Oh the wave of revelation that went over her face as she stated, "Well if YOU didn't get an email from me....then who did I send it to on accident?!"

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