Sunday, June 17, 2007

Evening Walks

Recently, I started walking for exercise again. Today I did 4 miles on Powell Butte. It is my favorite place to walk because it is close to home, it has acres of breath-taking scenery in the middle of the city hub-bub, and it is of course a killer for toning up a flabby tush.

Lately I find myself speding more and more time up there on that hill. I get lost in it all. Not lost like I can't find my way home, but lost like it feels so good and quiet. I decided to take out my little cell phone while I was walknig tonight and freeze some of the things that made an impression on me. They aren't perfect pictures because it is just my little cell phone, but maybe it is enough to freeze my memories and moments in place.

This little blue jay greets me just outside the parking lot every evening when I go up there. Actually, I truly don't know if it is the same little bird every night, but I choose to think that maybe it is one of the many ways God says hello.

I have been so taken by this lone tree on the path I walk. I have nicknamed it Nathanael because it reminds me of the bible passage John 1:46-50. In that passage, Nathanael meets Jesus for the first time. He is skeptical of this Jesus. But Jesus looks into Nathanael's eyes and says, "Before we even met, I saw you sitting alone under that tree." Nathanael is so blown away. How could this man possibly know what he was doing when he was all alone with no one around?
As I walk by this tree, I get hit with the concept fresh every time that God knew me and saw me too before I ever met him.

This is my favorite path to walk right now. It winds around for what seems like forever as I walk through open meadows and dense forest. It is all so amazing. The fresh smells, the soft sounds, no deadlines, no makes my step feel light and lifts my heart.

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