Friday, June 8, 2007

It's Just That Easy....

Could I compete in a major decathlon on all knowledge important to the 21st century era of computers and technology? No way. But I do know my way around my home and work computers enough to complete the daily tasks needs in office work and organizing. So, when it was time to refill my printer ink cartridges yesterday, the task was no formidable opponent for me.

I personally enjoy doing things like this. I think it is so easy to fill those absorbing sponges with ink and make sure everything is in alignment....thereby saving money and finding a way around those amazing price issues of buying new cartridges.

As I was completing this task, I flashed back to a memory of a couple of years ago. A co-worker from school was asking my advice on cutting costs for all of the printing that we find ourselves doing as teachers. Shocked that I was in the presence of someone who knew less about computers than myself, I was very glad to share with her the ease of these universal refill kits. I assured her that each kit comes with complete instructions and should be no problem at all. I even threw out the disclaimer that if I can do it...anyone can.

Poor Sweetie...she came into work the next day with a bag of universal ink kits for me and said, "Here you can get better use out of these than I can. I couldn't get things to work right so I bought new cartridges last night."
Oh I felt so bad for her. It was interesting though and really opened my eyes to communication and how people perceive things and follow directions differently.

See, as I asked her questions, I found that she had gone thru a whole bottle of the cleaning fluid that is in each kit. It is there for cleaning out the syringe and needle between colors. I am so glad she didn't notice my eyes pop out of my head when she said she had flushed out the entire cartridge with the whole bottle of cleaning fluid before filling it with ink.
She was so frustrated, I didn't have the heart to tell her the fluid was for the needle and NOT the cartridge and she had spent $100 needlessly.

Perceptions in following directions.....we all view things differently.
I guess that is why there are all of those odd warning disclaimers on products.
"Do not use the iron while taking a bath."
"Do not spray face with bug killer."
"This toddler's toy kitchen kitchen set contains non-edible parts."
"Do not leave the driver's seat while cruise control is engaged."

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