Saturday, June 9, 2007


Matriarch.........every family has at least one. As I was visiting with my family last night, I started thinking about one in my own tree that has left an unquestionable mark on the people around her.

Born in the back woods of Louisiana, my Grandmother Davis graced everyone around her with the ability to have an amazing amount of patience. She raised 6 strapping boys on her farm house in the woods. Her husband passed away when their youngest was only 12 years old. Even still, she made sure each boy was firmly grounded in the importance of respect and the southern methodist way of life. Later on, when other friends were sitting on their front porches and discussing "times gone by" with a glass of sun-brewed iced tea, she spent her time raising 3 grandchildren and running a store front to make ends meet. She was on the church commitee, sang in the church choir, never swore, and never condemmed or gave up on anyone. She possessed the wisdom and insight to see beyond a person's circumstance and speak into their future character. It never failed, being around Grandmother Davis just brought out the best in everyone. Without fear or threats on behavior, each person would become more agreeable, more compassioned, and more respectful.
All of her days and even beyond that, she inspired everyone who knew her. How hard it was to let her go when her body was tired. But how could we not? To her very last day, she did everything she could for people. Then she lay down on her her bed, smiled, and breathed into the arms of her Savior and Source of Strength as she went to sleep for the last time.

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  1. The Ole Apple TreeJune 9, 2007 at 10:02 PM

    Thank You for sharing with me. You have always filled my life with joy, blessings and proudness. Thank You for being YOU. Thank You for being the Lord's steward. And Thank You for always showing me you loving, caring heart. I love my Lil Apple-girlie.


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