Sunday, July 1, 2007

Day 7

Old downtown Windsor (which was actually built 5 years ago to bring in tourism revenue) is quite an interesting place to walk around. Each shop and dinning establishment was created to resemble days of old and no matter where one walks, the sounds of music greet the ear.....everything from the big band era to the soul searching oddities of the 60's. The sense of community spirit was strong as I visited with independent shop owners and watched neighbors "walk" through the Town Green Park.

My husband, along with the 4 girls, had hopped on their bikes for a ride and met me in this center of nostalgia for some window shopping. We each found little trinkets to call our own: novelty candy, a train whistle, souvenier bottles of wine, and a small pair of sparklies for myself.

The evening hours were filled with the last efforts of swimming in the resort pool and hot tub. After all, in the minds of our youth, who really needs to eat when the cool water becons and says, "Tonight is our last swim together. Tomorrow you must leave and I may never see you again."

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