Sunday, July 1, 2007

Day 8

As vacations go....we left and departed for home with mixed feelings. We were happy at the prospect of returning to the familiar but saddened for the adventure to end. We were worn out from all the excitement and change of pace but pleased with our minds full of fond memories.

Once again the car was filled with the sounds of ideas in full exchange. Creativity zoomed through the laptops and illustations as critiques and encouragements for various projects were shared.
We chose to take the scenic route home and travel Hwy 101 up the west coast. We oohed and aahed through the redwoods, snapped pictures with the legendary Paul Bunyan, and hugged the "Welcome to Oregon" sign.
As we drank in the amazing sight of the sun dipping into the clouds of the Pacific, we all felt blessed for the opportunity of time well spent this past week.

It has been a good time indeed.

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