Friday, June 22, 2007

It Is For Every Day...

I have been continuing my reading in the book of Exodus. I found myself in chapter 16 this morning looking at the habits and character flaws of the Israelites. Let's look back at all that had happened.......
*God delivered them from slavery
*demonstrated amazing plagues that could not have happened except by Him.....while protecting them from each one
*split a body of water in half
*drowned their enemy and mortal fear
*provided shade, water, and rest for them

Yet how quickly they said, "whah!!!!! we are going to die out here! My tummy is empty! I'd rather be back in slavery so I won't feel hungry..........whimper....sigh"

Still God was gracious and encouraging...just like a parent with a toddler. He told them that He would provide food for them every day that would rain down from the skies.

When I came to the part where God says that the bread will be provided in the morning......I thought "Why wait? Why not immediately right now? They are hungry."

Then God said, "Daughter, I wanted them to wait so that they would dwell on Me. They were so quick to forget after everything that I had shown them. I wanted them to get up in the morning with an expectation of My goodness and provision, to look forward to spending time with Me. And I made the bread in small flakes for them to gather, so that it would take time for them to gather My provision, time for them to dwell, time for them to concentrate on Me."

Gathering that bread was the Israelite daily devotion. If they didn't do it, they were hungry and lacking all day. Without nourishment, our bodies don't fuction right and it is hard to think clear.

Doing devotions today in the 21st century is that same principle. I struggle and try to do things on my own. How patient God is with me as I quiver my lip and cry that I want it all right now.

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