Sunday, July 1, 2007

Vacation 2007: Day 1

We loaded up the car, a Ford Expedition which was a wonderful borrowed blessing from my parents, and headed south. Our destination was Windsor, California, wine country in Sonoma County. The first day alone was filled with adventure as we broadened our horizons and set out. After all, traveling with 4 teenage girls constantly giggling with ideas and conversation will broaden anyone's perspective on life.

From the moment we left our driveway, they began a film documentation of our journey. Since the title "24" was already in use by Kiefer Sutherland, the next LOGICAL choice was "A Weekend, A Week, and A Weekend". (Say that five times fast.) Each hour found the video camera being turned on to permanently inbed the highways , byways, and winding switch-back roads into our memory banks for an eternity (or as long as the video tape is living).

Listening to the girls made for quite the experience on our 12 hour driving foray. Each of the 4 girls have dabbled and are skilled with varying degrees of expertise in movie making, animation, music, computer technology, photography, and story writing. So their creative ideas flowed like a river as they took turns telling stories, singing songs, and snapping pictures.

As soon as the car was unloaded and groceries were put away in our condo, out to the pool they ran to wash away the rememberances of "life on the road" and embrace the modern day conveniences of resort living.
What will our week bring?

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